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Rugrats: All Growed Up Older and Bolder is a single-player game for the PC and is the first Rugrats game to feature the Rugrats as pre-teens. The Rugrats babies have been catapulted ten years into the future' and the goal of the game is to get back home to the present. In order to do this the player must take control of Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Dil Pickles, Kimi Finster during different levels of the game (and Reptar,who can be unlocked later on). The Rugrats must find pieces of the time machine inside Dr. Spooky’s castle in order to return home.

This game is rated PEGI 3+ , the game play is very much in the style of Donkey Kong in this 'side scrolling action-adventure game' and was released October 30th 2001. The Rugrats: All Growed-Up Older and Bolder is an arcade style game based on a special episode of the Rugrats series.

"A Baby's Gotta Do What A Baby's Gotta Do Product Information: Rugrats: All Growed Up is based on Rugrats 10th anniversary primetime special that features the Rugrats babies 10 years older. The babies are watching their favorite TV show in the Pickle’s living room Dr. Spooky when they are suddenly transported 10 years into the future by Dr. Spooky’s time machine. It’s not long before the babies want to go back to being babies and must search for the parts to construct the un-time machine. It all started when the babies sat down to watch Dr. Spooky on TV over at the Pickles' house. That day Dr. Spooky was brimming with pride over the amazing new time machine he had invented. The babies were totally fascinated. Their eyes were all glued to the TV. All eyes except for Angelica's that is. She was looking right at the babies. "There's no such thing as a time machine you dumb babies" she shouted knowingly. In a flash the babies were transported to Dr. Spooky's lab where they discovered they weren't babies anymore - they were ten years older! The time machine had worked...but could they ever go back? Product Features Hurdle moving objects Explore different rooms Dodge falling books Search the castle for clues. Inspired by the Rugrats 10th Anniversary Special, The babies have been catapulted ten years into the future Help them find the pieces of a time machine scattered around DR. Spooky's castle Help them return to their lives as the babies we know and love Windows Requirements Windows 95 98 Me Pentium II 300 MHz processor 64 MB of RAM 140 MB Hard Disk space 8X CD-ROM drive 2 MB PCI Video Card 16-bit Sound Card " - Product description taken from:

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