Roy davis



Roy Davis is Grandpa Lou's former "Navy buddy". Grandpa Lou is clearly jealous of Roy's full head of hair and extravagant lifestyle. While Roy isn't a bad man as he is apparently good with kids, he seems to be a bit of gloat when it comes to bragging to Lou about how he still has everything when they were young. Afraid to face him as he is, Lou puts on a woman's corset to keep his chest up and tries to find a wig to cover his bald head. But because Angelica convinced Tommy that being bald was bad, he takes Lou's hair piece to make himself normal. While Lou frantically looks for his toupee, Roy comes and laughs seeing him bald. However, the tables are turned on him when he gladly decides to hold baby Dil (he hasn't been told that Dil was going through a pulling phase by Didi in advance). As he holds him, Dil pulls off his hair, proving he's gone bald too like Lou. This makes Lou laugh knowing he's lied, but as Roy tries to add he's still kept in good shape, Dil then immediately pulls a string he sees. Which reveals he's been wearing a corset too, Roy lowers his head in shame. Lou, amused by all this, laughs and shows his corset he had planned to use to make himself appear in shape. Both laugh loudly at what they've done and laugh seeing Tommy wearing Lou's toupee.

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