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Jeanclaude (8)
Name Robosnail
Gender Male
Species Fictional snail
Enemies Reptar
First Appearance Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)

Robosnail is Reptar's arch enemy. Robosnail is a mechanical snail with snapping pincers. He made a special guest appearance in Rugrats in Paris, controlled by Jean-Claude. Robosnail and Reptar fought throughout Paris and he wound up falling into the Seine. He resembles Ebirah from Godzilla, though his role is presumably closer to that of King Ghidorah. He also serves as the main antagonist of the Reptar franchise.


Robosnail first appeared in the EuroReptarland Parade, moving down the street with the floats snapping his pincers. Later the next day, he was seen in the Reptar Garage with the Reptar Robot where Stu was helping to fix it. Phil and Lil walk up to Robosnail and couldn't believe their eyes when they see him (Lil does a nervous hello wave to him).

Later on, after Jean-Claude takes the babies and Angelica to the Reptar Garage after Coco LaBouche orders him to lock them up, Tommy, Chuckie, Dil, Phil, and Lil jump onto the Reptar Robot while Angelica ties Jean-Claude's shoe laces to make him trip and they escape. After the babies and Angelica escape, Jean-Claude jumps into Robosnail in determined to use him to try to stop the babies and Angelica from ruining Coco's planned wedding. After Tommy, Chuckie, Dil, Phil, Lil, Kimi, and Angelica escape Reptarland in Reptar, Jean-Claude shows up from behind them in Robosnail to try to stop them. Robosnail controlled by Jean-Claude chases after Reptar controlled by Tommy and Chuckie. While chasing after them, Jean-Claude activates Robosnail's goo canons and Robosnail fires pink goo at Reptar. Reptar then steps onto one of the goo puddles and starts to slip. Reptar goes right through the Arc de Triomphe, but Robosnail is unable to keep going after him as he couldn't fit through it due to his snail shell. While Jean-Claude in Robosnail kept going after the babies in Reptar, Jean-Claude calls Coco and warns her that the babies are on their way to the church, causing her to yell at him saying he disgusts her. After the babies in Reptar approach the Eiffel Tower, Jean-Claude in Robosnail grabs Reptar's tail and then Jean-Claude makes Robosnail swing Reptar with the babies inside him (and Angelica hanging on to one of his teeth) around and around in circles. Reptar's tail then breaks off causing Reptar with the babies and Angelica on him to get thrown upwards onto the Eiffel Tower and Robosnail with Jean-Claude in him to fall down. Later after Reptar with the babies and Angelica on him get back down after finding the church from the top of the tower, they approach the church on a bridge, but Robosnail with Jean-Claude in him also goes onto the bridge. Reptar and Robosnail approach each other on the bridge and Chuckie knew he had to defeat Robosnail or else Coco was going to become his new mommy. As Chuckie makes Reptar get ready to fight Robosnail, Jean-Claude makes Robosnail charges towards Reptar. Reptar gets onto of Robosnail's shell but Chuckie makes Reptar's foot touch one of Robosnail's caterpillar wheels which causes it to break. Reptar then gets thrown off of Robosnail and Robosnail falls losing his right eye (and causing Reptar to lose his right arm). Chuckie then makes Reptar grab Robosnail's other eye and stretches his left antenna like a rubber band, Reptar then let's go of Robosnail's antenna causing it to hit Robosnail making him spin out of control. Robosnail with Jean-Claude inside him then falls off the bridge and into the Seine. After Robosnail with Jean-Claude in him is defeated, Reptar with the babies in him then hurries to the church to save Chas from marrying Coco.


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