Also Known AsAgent Richter
FriendsSimms (accomplice)
Voice ActorPhil Proctor
First AppearanceThe Bank Trick
Last AppearanceThe Bank Trick
I don't know where we went wrong. It should've been like taking candy from a baby.
— Richter to Simms when apprehended.
Richter is a notorious bank robber who appears in the Rugrats episode, "The Bank Trick", along with his accomplice, Simms. He and Simms posed as "federal bank examiner" agents supposedly from the "Federal Bureau of Examinations" (FBE) as they tried to rob the 27th National Bank. Richter and his partner Simms were described as "notorious bank robbers" and have been evading criminal prosecution for years.


Richter is an average height individual who wears a navy blue suit, white collared shirt, and a yellow tie. He is light skin with black hair and wears black shoes.


Richter is overly cautious when formulating heists. When in the bank conducting his "examinations" he carefully pays attention to Mr. Loew when giving him a tour of the bank's security system. He always tells Simms to write down key details such as the bank's new security system allowing the tellers to step on a red button connected to the police station which will allow the police to come in five minutes.

Richter is also very manipulative as he is shown to convince Loew to hand over the money by making snarky comments about the bank's security. When introduced to the red button's "five minute" police response time, he replied by saying, "Five minutes? Hardly record breaking". He also makes a snarky comment when shown the vault's security system where Mr. Loew says "Not even a fly can get into this vault undetected" only to have Richter respond saying, "A fly? No. A corrupt bank official? Who knows?".

Undoubtedly, his overly cautious and observant behavior are the key traits that allowed him and his partner to escape criminal prosecution for years. Additionally, his manipulation skills played a huge role in allowing him to successfully rob banks prior to the events taken place in "The Bank Trick".


Observations made by Richter in "The Bank Trick".

  • Saying friendly bank tellers are "trouble".
  • Taking notes on the bank's new security system (red button).
  • Telling Simms that mint shipment of money arrives during business hours.
  • Having Simms take notes on the vault's security system.


  • He and Simms were the notorious bank robbers who've evaded justice for years.
  • It is unknown how much money Richter and Simms have stolen over their lifetime.
  • Richter was visibly disappointed in being arrested, believing that his plan was fool proof.
  • He is manipulative.
  • He and Simms never appear in the series ever again.
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