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Rhinoceritis! Gallery Transcript

Drew: Not deductible, not deductible, deductible, not deductible, ah-- Ooh! Definitely not deductible. You see, Didi, organisation is the key to proper tax preperation.
[Spike, covered in bandages, charges into the kitchen and crashes into the table, knocking Drew to the floor and scattering his papers everywhere; Drew has a calculator on his head]
Angelica: I didn't do it!
Stu: [pears into the kitchen] Oh, good. I was worried you were gonna mess up my system.

Drew: I don't understand this, Stu. You've kept shopping lists, candy wrappers and... what appears to be a bag of mouldy French fries.
Stu: I always keep a record of everything I buy.
Drew: Oh, that's nice. Why didn't you just keep THE SALES RECEIPTS?!

Stu: OK, a few dollars at the end of the year. How bad can it be?
Drew: 320 dollars.
Stu: Piff!
Drew: Oh, wait. I-I-I-I'm sorry, I had the decimal wrong. It comes to 32,000.
Stu: 32,000?!
Drew: Don't worry Stu. A smart kid like Tommy doesn't need to go to college.
[Stu starts crying and pulls his hair]