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Reptar on Ice Gallery Transcript
Season 2 Episode 10a
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Reptar on Ice
Original Airdate November 8, 1992
VHS release Return of Reptar (VHS)
Volume 3

Decade in Diapers - Vol.1

DVD release Decade in Diapers
The Best of Season 2
Season 2
Previous Episode Beach Blanket Babies
Next Episode Family Feud

Reptar On Ice is the first segment of the tenth episode of season 2, and the forty-fourth Rugrats segment overall.

Characters Present


The Rugrats attend the "Reptar On Ice" show at the County Coliseum with a small lizard they found beforehand that they believe is a "Baby Reptar". When they try to present it to the Reptar on stage, they learn that the actor in the green suit is afraid of lizards! Will the Rugrats ruin the show or make it even more spectacular?

- Description from Klasky Csupo.


Angelica is eating Reptar cereal at Tommy's house one morning. During breakfast, Angelica tells Tommy that the dinosaurs are extinct, which includes Reptar. Later, he tells Chuckie, Phil, and Lil about what Angelica told him. When Chuckie suggests that Reptar might actually be just hiding, the babies venture into the backyard to look for him. They find a lizard that vaguely looks like Reptar and conclude it's his baby.

Tommy hides Reptar's "baby" in his diaper and they head back inside. No sooner do they wonder how they're going to find Reptar to return his baby when a commercial airs on TV. It's for Reptar on Ice. Stu, who also witnesses the commercial, decides to take everyone to see the show. Now the babies know where Reptar is, and can take his "baby" back to him.

The day of the show arrives, and Didi, Stu, and an unwilling Grandpa Lou arrive at the arena with Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil. Chuckie is squirming a lot due to his hiding Reptar's "baby" in his clothes. Didi notices his squirming and is concerned, but Stu says Chas had a hard time sitting down when he was a kid. Chuckie asks Tommy to take the lizard for a while, telling him he keeps going down his pants. Tommy hides the lizard-saurus in his diaper.

Backstage, the actor named Leo who's playing the role of Reptar is expressing his thorough dislike of the show to his boss. He points out that kids look up to Reptar, even though the real Reptar destroys cities. In addition, he also says he hates kids and lizards, and can't even skate. How and why he took this job is a mystery!

Soon the show starts, and while Stu and Didi quickly find themselves bored, Grandpa Lou ends up enjoying it enormously. Chuckie asks if Tommy wants to return Reptar's "baby" now, but Tommy says Reptar is busy right now (demolishing a city), so they'll do it later.

The show progresses, and while Stu and Didi have fallen asleep, Grandpa Lou is moved to tears by the love story between Reptar and a (human) reporter. Tommy thinks now is a good time to give Reptar the lizard, but he's vanished! Right now it's a musical number exclusive to the soldiers while the Reptar actor takes a quick break backstage, but the babies don't know this. They venture out onto the ice, and grab onto the legs of some of the soldiers. The soldiers spin in circles while in a formation, which the babies find great fun, except for Chuckie. At the dramatic moment, Chuckie lets go and crashes into Reptar, halting the show. Reptar's co-star tells him to do something as the other babies slide up. Frustrated, Reptar improvises a little song: "Hey! Look! It's some kids! On the ice! What's a dinosaur to do when there's kids on the ice! Quick! Somebody call their MOM!"

Grandpa Lou notices the babies on the ice and quickly wakes up Didi and Stu. When Reptar waits for somebody to collect the babies, he quietly asks Tommy what he's holding in his hands. Tommy opens his hands, revealing the lizard. Reptar screams and flees in terror when he sees the lizard, bumping into his fellow actors. Stu arrives and picks up Tommy. The lizard crawls into Stu's pants, which causes him to fall flat on the ice. Stu never drops Tommy, however, so the audience laughs and cheers. Tommy holds the lizard and laughs as well.


  • This is the first time Reptar's theme was used, based on the Reptar, Reptar, Gotta find that Reptar segment, and was used twice in the original era, the other was in "Driving Miss Angelica". A non-lyric beat as heard in the Reptar on Ice commercial the adults watch would later be used as Reptar's theme in the revival era.
  • This is the first time when one of the babies try to hide an animal in their diaper. Tommy hides the lizard inside his diaper, and shows feelings of awkwardness and pleasure from the lizard's movements. Chuckie hides the lizard too and expresses feelings of discomfort. The other episodes that has them do this is "Faire Play", "Chuckie's Duckling", and Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.
  • The Reptar costume in this episode is more realistic and convincing compared to other episodes featuring a Reptar suit, with the mask completely hiding the wearer's face and the mouth moving very realistically (in contrast to the usual open-face Reptar suits other performers have used.)
  • John Schuck voices Reptar in this episode.
  • This episode is based on the ...Disney On Ice mania that existed in the late 80's and early 90's. Though ice shows still exist today, they're nowhere near as popular or common as they were when this episode originally aired.
  • According to the Rugrats timeline, this episode takes place on March 8-10, 1991, before "Tommy's First Birthday."

Moral: Watch over your kids and don’t let them wander off in authorized areas.


  • The closing credits mention Michael Bell voicing Drew Pickles in this episode, though Drew doesn't appear in this or its' companion episode Family Feud at all. It does correctly state he voiced Harry in this episode, and Chas Finster (listed as "Charles Sr." here) in the latter.


  • Reptar: (Arising from the volcano) HALT! I.......AM.........REPTAR!! (He chases the skaters)
  • Grandpa Lou: Now that's entertainment!


  • Didi: Which one of you responsible adults left the door to the patio open, so the kids could get out? (Stu and Grandpa Lou point at each other)


  • I'm just a dinosaur, I don't know what I'm for. I like to stomp and roar! Hey! I'm just a dinosaur!
  • Reptar, Reptar, Where or where is Reptar? Reptar, Reptar, Gotta find that Reptar! Reptar, Reptar, did you see a Reptar? Reptar, Reptar, boy oh boy is he in trouble when we find that Reptar!
  • Dinosaur! Dinosaur! Ancient enemy of man. You will pay for your destructive tendencies! You will pay for our travail. Dinosaur! Dinosaur! Aincient enemy of man. Above it all, with a slap on the wrist, there's a possibility you might go to jail. (repeated).
  • (Reporter girl:) Reptar!
  • (Reptar:) My LOVE! (after the Rugrats interfere) Hey! Look! It's some kids! On the ice! What's a dinosaur to do when there's kids on the ice? Quick! Somebody call their MOM!

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