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Reptar 2010 Gallery Transcript
Season 3 Episode 9a
Reptar 2010
Original Airdate November 21, 1993
VHS release Return of Reptar

Volume 3

DVD release Season 3
Complete Series
Previous Episode Sour Pickles
Next Episode Stu Gets a Job

"Reptar 2010" is the ninth episode from Season 3 of Rugrats.

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The Rugrats watch a Reptar movie called "Reptar 2010" until the tape breaks. When it does, each of them imagines how they see the story ending

- Description from Klasky Csupo


The episode begins with showing the kids and Grandpa watching the movie "Reptar 2010" The movie shows Reptar being teleported to the future and destroying a bunch of buildings. When the movie shows the conversation between Dr. Ventnor and the President, Grandpa fast forwards the tape, saying it was "the boring part" When he plays the tape again, it shows Reptar frozen in a block of ice and surrounded by nuclear containment rings. But when Reptar wakes up, he breaks free and runs out of the buildings. As Dr. Ventnor starts a lengthy explanation to the President about how to stop Reptar, Grandpa gradually grows bored and falls asleep.

As Reptar wrecks more havoc on the city, Chuckie feels sympathetic for Reptar, saying that "the buildings were ganging up on him. Tommy tells Chuckie that Reptar was having fun, but Angelica says that he was actually destroying things on purpose, to which Tommy disagrees. As the movie continues, the President asks if the raygun that Dr. Ventnor had built wouldn't stop Reptar, and Dr. Ventnor said that it would either work or destroy the whole universe.

As the raygun seems to malfunction, the screen goes to static. The babies start to cry, which wakes up Grandpa. When he gets the tape out of the VCR, it's shown to be broken. When Grandpa leaves to go fix the tape, Chuckie tells the others he thinks he knows what happens next in the movie.

Chuckie then said he believed that when Reptar saw the raygun, he decided to go find a safe place. Chuckie imagines himself as Reptar as Dr. Ventnor and the President are calling for him so they can use the raygun. Reptar Chuckie sees them and sneaks away. But later, they find him posing as the Statue of Liberty and chase him, but lose him when he falls into a subway station. Soon, they corner him on the Brooklyn Bridge and attempt to shoot him, but miss as Reptar Chuckie hides behind a building.

Back in the living room, Phil says he doesn't think that Reptar would hide, and believes Reptar would've gone and had fun. So Phil imagines himself as Reptar, and is shown playing with a car and rolls it offscreen, and it explodes. He then goes and does other gross things like swimming in the sewers. As he picks up a bus to play with, Reptar Lil comes and tries to take the bus from him, saying she saw the bus first.

Back again in the living room Angelica disagrees and says that Reptar wouldn't have fought over a bus: he has better things to do. Angelica imagines herself as Reptar, and bullies the president and Dr. Ventnor into giving into her demands. Yankee Stadium is turned into a small swimming pool that Angelica Reptar lounges beside.

Back once more in the living room, Tommy says that Reptar would've been having adventures instead of relaxing by a pool, so Tommy imagines Dr. Ventnor and the President put Reptar Tommy in a laser playpen while they clean up the city. But Tommy escapes and then goes off to find cookies. He finds the factory, but is disappointed to find the cookies are like crumbs for him. He then tosses it down and sits on a different factory, wondering if there are Reptar-sized cookies.

At that moment he sees the moon in the sky and thinks it's a cookie. But when he realizes it's too high up to reach on his own, Reptar Phil and Lil come and help Tommy get some buildings to pile up to reach the cookie. But as Tommy begins to climb up, the Reptar version of Chuckie states it's a bad idea, but they ignore him. Finally, Tommy reaches the cookie moon, grabs it, and slides back down to the city. But as Tommy begins to eat it, Reptar Angelica comes and tries to take it. She is successful and begins jumping in the air yelling, "Look what I got!"

As they start to fight for the cookie, Reptar Grandpa shows up and we go back to the living room one final time. Grandpa Lou says he fixed the movie, but that they "lost a few minutes of the middle, though." He pops the movie back into the VHS player, revealing that they actually lost the entire climax of the movie! Reptar is sent into space in a spaceship, and it's implied Reptar actually saved the universe. As the episode ends, the gang looks outside and sees the cookie moon with a bite taken out of it!


  • During reruns of this episode in 2001, the scene where Reptar destroys the buildings wasn't removed despite the WTC attacks on 9/11/01.
    • In a strange coincidence, this episode was apparently shown on 9/11/01.
  • One of the buildings destroyed by Reptar says Viacom (Viacom is the parent company of Nickelodeon).
  • This is the last episode in which Antoine Guilbaud was the official character designers, he later went off to work on more episodes of Rocko's Modern Life.
  • An adaption of this episode was used in the Rugrats Search for Reptar game.
  • This episode appeared on the Return of Reptar VHS tape.
  • Reptar's origins are explained in this episode; he was once a normal Tyrannosaurus rex that was transported from the Cretaceous period to modern day earth by a special beam devised by scientists.
  • The Tyrannosaurus was shown standing upright and had three fingers and the Triceratops was seen standing on its hind legs during their fight which is not true.
  • In this episode, dinosaurs ruled the Earth 50,000 years ago which is not true. In real life dinosaurs ruled the Earth 243-65 million years ago. The 50,000 years ago was the Pleistocene epoch.
  • Despite Stu, Didi and Chas' cameos in the Reptar fantsy and the former being mentioned, Lou is the only adult that appears in this episode.
  • Lou mistook one part of the film as the boring part and ended up getting bored and falling asleep to the actual boring part, which was the professor's longing theory.
  • Strangely, Lil isn't wearing her diaper in the reptar fantasy despite the other babies wearing them with Phil and Chuckie's diapers being clearly outlined against their clothes.
  • This episode is similar to Godzilla 2000.
  • In the Reptar fantasy, when Chuckie expresses concern about Tommy climbing up the pile of skyscrapers to get to the moon, "Oh, Chuck-tar, don't be such a dinosaur" is said in Lil's voice, but it's Phil's mouth that moves when this is said.

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