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Reptar's Revenge Gallery Transcript

[Didi is reluctant to go into the carnival]

◾Didi: Maybe we shouldn't bring the kids into this... this carnival.

◾Lou: Why not!? When I was their age I was already workin' the carny! Hard work, dawn to dusk, and at night I had to sleep with the elephants!

◾Stu: Elephants pop?

◾Lou: That's what I said! And if one of them had a bad dream, he might just roll over and squash ya!

Angelica: Follow him, but how can you get on this boat, dummy!

Tommy: Come on, now's our chance.

Leo's Boss: That's it, Leo! I have had it! You've been nothing but trouble ever since day one! You're fired!

Leo: Fire-- Fired?! You can't fire me! Me Reptar!

Tommy: Hey Look

Tommy: I told you you shouldn't mess with Reptar he's really mad at you now

Tommy: Reptar

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