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Reggie Rocket
Reggie Rocket.png
Name Regina Rocket
Gender Female
Species Human
Aliases Rocketgirl
Relatives Otto (younger brother)
Raymundo (father)
Danielle (birth mother, deceased)
Noelani Makani (step-mother)
Friends Twister Rodriguez
Sam Dullard
Voiced by Shayna Fox
Age 12
44 (age in 2021)

Regina "Reggie" Rocket is one of the main characters of Rocket Power. She is Otto's 12-year old sister, and the only female member of "Team Rocket". Her name is a diminutive of the name Regina, which comes from the Latin and means "queen" or "of queenly attribute." Reggie is an aspiring publisher who, while no less competitive and skillful as an athlete, is of calmer disposition and greater maturity. Reggie is most noted for her "magazine" (dubbed The Zine).

Appearances in Rugrats

Reggie's only official appearance in any Rugrats media was in the comic book story "Power Play!", published in the final issue of Rugrats Comic Adventures. In the story, Didi hires her to babysit Tommy and Angelica.


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