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Regarding Stuie Gallery Transcript

Lil: Wanna play with my doll, Stuie? (Stuie pulls at her doll and it breaks; Lil starts crying) AHHHHHHH! Aaah!

Stuie: (gets upset at seeing Lil cry and starts bawling himself) WAAHHH HA HA HA HA!

Chuckie: Looks like trouble.


Chuckie: What's wrong Stuie?

Stuie: (sobs) Toy broke.

Tommy: Don't worry Stuie, he'll fix... He's never coming home.

Chuckie: Who's never coming home, Tommy?

Tommy: My daddy.

Tommy: I miss my daddy! WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! WAHHHHHHAAYYYY!!! AY! AYYYYYYYYY! (Tommy starts crying)

(Tommy is sobbing while on his father's bed, looking at some photoes of himself and Stu having fun together)

Stuie: You miss your daddy, huh, Tommy?

Stuie: Hello, Mr. Duck!

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