Rebel Without a Teddy Bear Gallery Transcript
Season Two Episode 17a
Rebel Without a Teddy Bear Title Card
Rebel Without a Teddy Bear
Original Airdate January 3, 1993
VHS release Tommy Troubles
DVD release Season 2
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Rebel Without a Teddy Bear is an episode of Rugrats from season two.

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Tommy's favorite toy is bound for the trash, and there's nothing he can do about it except taking Angelica's advice -- acting like a brat. - Description from Klasky Csupo


Tommy's favorite stuffed lion is taken away, leading to him being bad just to get him back..but this is all just another one of Angelica's schemes.


At Tommy’s house, in Tommy’s crib, Tommy is showing his friend Chuckie one of his most favorite toys, a stuffed lion he calls Henry; he apparently cares very deeply about his stuffed lion, and is also sensitive to anyone getting his name wrong (and he sternly corrects them). Tommy eagerly asks his friend: “Well, do you like him? Huh? Isn’t he great?” He cheerfully goes on: “He can crawl around and eat bugs and climb trees and all kinds of stuff!” Chuckie, noticing that his best friend’s lion is covered in dirt and stains, tries to delicately express his opinion: “Well…” Tommy eagerly replies: “Well what? Don't you like him?” Chuckie delicately goes on: “I don’t know how to say this Tommy… So maybe I better just say it: He’s kinda dirty.” Tommy doesn’t take his best friend’s opinion about his well loved lion very well and starts to get sad with tears in his eyes, although tries to stay mature and hold back his tears; Chuckie asks Tommy if he’s O.K., and he tearfully replies “I’m fine.” Chuckie, who isn't fooled, apologizes for his unintentionally harsh opinion and then suggests they give “Herman” a bath. Tommy corrects his friend: “His name’s Henry!” Chuckie replies: “Oops. Well, then lets give Henry a bath.” Tommy asks why, and Chuckie replies: “Well, whenever I get dirty, my Dad gives me a bath. So if Henry’s dirty…” Chuckie lets Tommy finish his sentence: “…we can give him a bath! Yeah! Then he’ll be all clean again!” Tommy then reaches for his plastic screwdriver and uses it to open up the crib so that he and his friend can take his lion into the kitchen and give him a bath.

In the kitchen, the babies have gathered a small tub and filled it with water, and they also gathered some other items for the lion’s bath as well; the only thing missing however is the all important soap. Chuckie notices a bottle of dish soap that’s way up high on the kitchen counter, which Tommy agrees is much too high up for them to reach. Chuckie tells Tommy’s stuffed lion: “Sorry Henry, looks like you gotta stay dirty.” But Tommy then points out a bottle of french mustard on the kitchen table which they can reach; Chuckie rebuttals: “Tommy, that’s not soap; that’s mustard.” But Tommy feels it’s “close enough”, and he takes the bottle down from the table. The babies put the lion into the small tub of water, and Tommy instructs: “Let’s wash his hair.” Chuckie replies: “Good idea.” Tommy grabs the bottle and tells his lion to close his eyes; he squirts the mustard all over his lion and he and his friend begin to “lather” it in. But no sooner do they start when Didi comes into the kitchen (along with Chas), sees what her son and best friend are doing and stops them, stating: “Oh, look at this mess.” She takes a quick whiff at Tommy’s loin and replies “Eww” as she takes him out of the tub. Tommy looks onward sadly as his mother takes his beloved lion away and Didi consults with Chas on what to do with “Herman” (ironically the name Tommy told his best friend not to use). Tommy sadly reaches up as to say he wants his beloved lion back as he watches his mother take it over too the sink and wash the mustard off. As Didi wrings the lion out, Chas points out that he believes it’s ruined; Didi states that she wishes there was something she could do and adds that “Tommy loves ‘Herman’ so much”. Chas replies: “I don’t know, looks mighty unsanitary; soon it will start to mildew and.. ‘goodbye charlie’. If I were you, I’d throw it away.” Didi replies sorrowfully: “Oh dear; I suppose your right.”

We cut over to the playpen where a deeply heartbroken Tommy complains to his best friend: “It’s not fair! Why do my toys always get taken away!? WHY!!?” Chuckie attempts to calm his best friend down by softly stating: “Tommy, they don’t always get taken away.” Tommy frustratingly replies: “Yes they do!” Chuckie then states: “Maybe Herman’s not gone forever.” Tommy again sternly corrects his best friend: “His name’s Henry!” Chuckie goes on (with his hand on Tommy’s shoulder): “Well, um.. maybe your mom can buy you a new Henry.” This however doesn’t cheer Tommy up at all: “A new Henry!? Who’s side are you on anyway Chuckie!? (Chuckie gulps nervously as he doesn't know how to console Tommy, who is getting mad) It’s not fair! It’s just not fair! No one in the whole world cares about me!” Tommy’s cousin, Angelica, then comes into the scene and asks him if there’s something wrong. Tommy tells Angelica: “My mom took away Henry and she won’t give him back!” She replies: “Oh no, that’s awful. Who’s Henry?” Tommy briefly explains that Henry is his lion. Angelica tells her cousin that he’s been wronged and there is only one way to right it and get his lion back. Chuckie states: “Uh-oh, I smell trouble.” Tommy asks Angelica what he needs to do, and Angelica tells him: “Tommy. you gotta be bad.” And Angelica states that: “When you’re bad, you get whatever you want.” A shocked Chuckie tries to tell his friend not to listen to Angelica, but to no avail. Angelica goes on: “If I want a ‘Reptar Bar’ and someone won’t give it to me, know what I do? I get bad! I kick and scream and cry and knock things over until I get it!” Tommy states that he’s not sure as it sounds too easy; but Angelica replies that it is easy, and also fun. Angelica then walks away to let Tommy think. Chuckie tells his friend that he’s relieved that Angelica is gone and that it’s a good thing the babies never listen to her. But Tommy doesn’t reply and gets a sour look on his face; and he then states: “Chuckie, from now on, I’m gonna be bad.”

Tommy then goes into the kitchen and spots a cup of his that's full of juice on the kitchen table, and he intends to knock it over! Chuckie follows and tells his friends not to do it; but Tommy replies that’s he’s been though a lot in his life. He complains that he was given naps when he wasn’t tired, was fed yucky beets when he wasn’t hungry, and had his temperature taken more times than he wants to remember; and he concludes that “they’ve gone too far” this time and that he needs to stand up for himself and will knock over his cup of juice. Tommy then proceeds to climb up and do his devious deed, and his best friend covers his eyes and states to himself that he can’t look. Tommy grabs his cup and loudly states “Okay, here I go!”; but he notices that his cup is “kinda full” and decides to drink the juice inside first (“Mmmm, Apple Juice”). He then throws his empty cup on the kitchen floor. Angelica comes in and asks the babies what they are doing. Tommy tells Angelica that he was being bad just as she told him, and she notices Tommy threw his empty cup on the floor and called it “bad”. Angelica points to the cup and states: “You call that bad?” Tommy asks Angelica what she means; and she states that Tommy wasn’t supposed to drink the juice before knocking it over. Tommy states that he didn’t want to make a mess; and a flabbergasted Angelica decides Tommy needs some training at being bad (“Kid, we got some work to do.”).

Angelica and Tommy go into his parents’ bedroom and she begins to lecture Tommy; she states that Tommy’s first lesson is “throwing clothes around the room”. She opens a dresser drawer and tells Tommy to watch and learn. Angelica pulls out a garment and throws it onto the floor. Chuckie (trying to stop the whole thing) rushes over and picks it up. Angelica then invites her cousin to try and Chuckie tells him not to do it. Angelica tells Tommy that Chuckie is just a “fraidy cat” and tells him to take out a shirt and throw it; Tommy does so and Chuckie goes after it. Angelica then tells him to do it again (“and this time, get really, really mad”); Tommy, starting to channel his rage from losing his lion, throws another shirt much further and onto a lamp (and Chuckie goes after it as well). Angelica tells his cousin “Much better” and they both start to throw all the drawer’s contents all over the place, all as Chuckie continues to try and catch them and pick up what’s on the floor. Angelica and Tommy then go over to a closet of more garments and open the door, and as they’re about to start trashing it as well, Angelica states to Tommy: “Lesson 2: Being bad means never having to say you’re sorry.” Tommy and Angelica start frantically throwing everything out, and Chuckie again tries to catch everything. We then cut to later on in the living room and we see Angelica and Tommy knock a lamp and a bowl of flowers off the coffee table! They then go over to a stack of papers on a nearby desk, and Tommy pushes them onto the floor; Angelica (satisfied with Tommy’s progress) tells her cousin: “Very good!” Chuckie rushes over and attempts to clean up the papers. They go into the kitchen and Tommy squirts a baby bottle of milk onto the floor; Angelica looks proud of her cousin, and Chuckie attempts to clean this up as well. They go into the bathroom and Angelica sprays the mirror with a spray can of something, and Tommy throws the Toilet paper everywhere; Chuckie (struggling to keep up) proceeds to clean all this as well. As the house starts to get quite trashed, Angelica tells her cousin that she thinks Tommy has gotten bad. Tommy however replies: “Think!? What do you mean think!? I am bad!” Angelica is mesmerized by Tommy’s rage, and she suggests that they celebrate by tearing up a pile of newspapers and throwing them all over the house; Tommy approaches the papers with a quite sinister look on his face.

Despite Chuckie’s better efforts, Tommy and Angelica manage to single-handedly reduce the entire house to a dump (they even manage to knock heavy furniture on their sides). They even manage to cause serious, expensive and very dangerous damage: Such as but not limited to puncturing a hole in the sofa, pulling light fixtures apart so that they only dangle by their electrical wires, deforming a large piece of furniture, and even dangerously smashing a huge gap in the large window of the sliding door by the playpen!! As Tommy continues his rage fueled bout of destruction, Chuckie tells his friends that he thinks he can stop now; but Tommy states that he won’t stop until he gets his lion back. Chuckie replies: “But what if you never get him back!?” And Tommy replies: “Well then I’ll just have to be bad forever! I’ll live OUTSIDE THE LAWN (law mispronounced)! I’ll go from nursery to nursery with nothing but my big wheel and a bottle of milk! I’ll draw on walls and rip up papers! I’ll make them wish they never even TOUCHED HENRY!” Tommy’s parents walk into the scene; and despite the damage being awful enough to make any decent mother scream, Stu and Didi manage to remain calm (although clearly disappointed in and concerned about their one and only son). As Didi reads though her Dr. Lipschitz book for consultation on what to do, she states to her husband: “I just don’t understand it. What do you think’s gotten into him?” Stu replies: “Don’t worry so much Didi; after all, he hasn’t destroyed anything irreplaceable.” But Stu looses his cool when he sees Tommy destroying his irreplaceable stamp collection: “AAAAHHH! MY STAMP COLLECTION!” Didi then cuts in and states: “Don’t worry Stu: Lipschitz says right here (pointing to a statement in the book) that, ‘if you give you child the freedom he needs, he’ll be over it in.. 3 to 4 months.'” Stu replies: “MONTHS!?” They observe Tommy pulling down a desk lamp by its cord and breaking it, and they look at each other with great concern.

Later on (perhaps a day or so later), after the house as been cleaned up and repaired, we find Chuckie and Tommy in the playpen, and Angelica asking Tommy if he’s done anything bad lately. Tommy replies: “Hmm… Nothing much. Just splattered my Daddy with food and poured grape-juice on my Mommy’s hair.” Angelica states that it’s not bad for a beginner; and then asks Chuckie if he’s also like to join the fun and also be bad. But Chuckie tells her no and that he’s happy being good; Angelica states that she just doesn’t understand him. Chuckie then points out that Tommy has been acting bad but still doesn’t have the lion back; Tommy agrees with Chuckie and emphasizes that Angelica said that being bad would get him Henry back. Angelica replies that he needs to give it some time; pointing out that “Roll wasn’t built in an egg” (meaning to say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”). Chuckie further states that he believes being bad doesn’t get anyone anything; but Angelica reiterates her belief that it does work and that Tommy isn’t being bad enough (despite the very serious damage they had done earlier). She further states that everything they had done so far was only kid stuff (again, despite the very serious damage from earlier, and additionally the fact that they are kids, and little kids), and that it’s now time to do something really bad. Angelica and Tommy go upstairs (with Chuckie following) and wait in the hallway until the coast is clear; Angelica eventually feels confident and sends Tommy into his parents’ bedroom. With a sinister look on his face, he spots his mother’s favorite necklace on a necklace holder in the shape of a bust. He walks over and tries to reach it from the floor but to no avail. Angelica tells him to hurry up; Tommy then drags over a stool, climbs on it, and manages to take the necklace. He brings it out and Angelica tells him: “Good work; now it’s time to finish the job.”

They all walk outside into the backyard with the necklace; Tommy states that Angelica didn’t yet state what they were going to do with the necklace. Angelica, laughing wickedly in approaching triumph, directs everyone toward the garbage cans, where she instructs her cousin to throw it into the garage so his “mean old mom will never see it again!". Tommy starts to protest: “But Angelica…” However, Angelica cuts him off: “But what!? She took your lion, why shouldn’t you take her necklace!?” She points to the can and orders Tommy to “DO IT!”. Tommy walks over and holds the necklace near the rim of the can; but Chuckie stops him: “TOMMY WAIT!”. Angelica asks Chuckie: “What do you want?”. Chuckie, having seen enough, states: “I’ve been quiet all this time, but I can’t keep quiet anymore! ‘Cause it’s wrong, it’s just pain wrong!!” He goes on: “Tommy, don’t do it. You start off showing a necklace in the garbage can; pretty soon you’re breaking windows; before you know it you’re stealing houses and you’ll end up in prison!” Angelica tells chuckle to stay out of it and states that Tommy isn’t afraid of going to jail, before turning to Tommy and ask him for his concurrence. Tommy replies: “Umm…” Chuckie again cuts in: “You still shouldn’t do it Tommy; it’s not nice!” Angelica replies: “Not nice? Ha! Don’t make me laugh.” She then tells Tommy to just drop it in, and Chuckie tells him (as he holds up his harms and waves them): “No Tommy! No! That’s your Mom’s favorite necklace.” Angelica aggressively cuts in front of Chuckie, hushes him, and tells Tommy: “She threw away your favorite lion! You throw away her favorite necklace! It’s only fair!”. Tommy, now uncertain, turns away from the trash can and a disappointed Angelica replies: “I can’t believe this! If you wanna be like Chuckie, fine! But if you’re not gonna be bad and throw away that necklace, the grown-ups will never give you anything!” Tommy starts to rebuttal: “But Angelica!”. Again, Angelica interrupts him and berates her cousin: “They’ll take away your lion, your dog, your bottle and all your toys ‘till you have nothing but your diapers! And then they’ll take those too!”. Tommy, now shaking with the necklace in his hands, nervously thinks for a moment. Fortunately, Tommy's conscious finally overcomes his thirst for revenge, and he drops the necklace on the ground while stating that he just can’t go though with it: “Uh-I can’t do it! Even if she did take away Henry, my mom’s done too much nice stuff for me.” A disappointed Angelica protests that the babies don’t have any guts; Tommy states that it was nice for Angelica to try and help him. Angelica angrily replies: “Give me a break! I worked hard to make you bad, and then you go and listen to Chuckie! You babies make me SICK! (and Angelica walks away in disgust)”

An ashamed and apologetic Tommy then gives Chuckie his thanks; stating that he would have done something really bad if it weren’t for him. Chuckie replies that he’s glad Tommy didn’t throw his mother’s necklace away. Tommy agrees “Me, too”, and tells Chuckie that he’s the best friend a baby ever had. Didi then comes over, having been looking all over the house for the two and relieved to have found them. Didi then pulls out Tommy’s lion (which she managed to wash and restore) from behind her back (revealing that he wasn’t thrown out after all), and Tommy is ecstatic to have it back. Didi then notices her necklace by Tommy’s feet, and is also ecstatic to have it back as well. As she puts it on, she thanks her son for finding it (not knowing he took it from her room in the first place). Tommy and Chuckie hug Tommy’s lion as they follow Didi back inside the house with Henry in tow; we pan up and see that Angelica was watching the whole thing from an upstairs window, which she closes in disgust and denial and says “Hmph!” And the episode ends.


  • The name of this episode is a reference of the 1955 famous film Rebel Without A Cause starring James Dean.
  • The mustard Tommy and Chuckie try using to clean Henry has a logo of a French flag, suggesting it is French's brand mustard.
  • The original title for this episode was "Rebel Without A Blanket".
  • Goof: The viewers think that tommy HAS a Teddy Bear. Instead, he has a lion for the whole episode. This must be an error