Season 4 Episode 14a
Ransom of Cynthia
Original Airdate November 8, 1997
VHS release Angelica Knows Best
DVD release Season 4
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Next Episode Turtle Recall
Ransom of Cynthia is a Season 4 episode of Rugrats.

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Angelica fakes Cynthia's kidnapping so she can get the Rugrats' candy. - Description from Klasky Csupo


Lou and Stu are coming back with the kids from Susie's birthday party, where each of the kids had gotten bag of candy as a party favor. Charlotte comes to pick up Angelica from Stu and Didi's house and notices Angelica eating the candy she received at Susie's party. Charlotte tells Angelica that she can't have anymore candy after getting a cavity in her teeth, and takes her home for some flossing. Didi initially wants to the throw the candy away, but after some convincing from Lou and Stu, decides to keep it and puts the candy that the kids got at the party together into one bag.

The next day, Drew drops Angelica off at Stu and Didi's house, where he tells Angelica that she can't have the new "Queen of the World" Cynthia-doll. Angelica whines about it, saying that he's bad for not getting it. As Drew leaves, Angelica notices the bag of candy from Susie's party, and then sees Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil playing in the backyard. Angelica gets an idea on how to get both the candy and the Queen Cynthia-doll.

Angelica tears a page from her Cynthia coloring book, then buries Cynthia in the dirt in the backyard of Tommy's house. Angelica screams, getting Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil's attention. She claims that Cynthia's been kidnapped, reading the page like a ransom note that the kidnapper left behind. She says "Leave candy by the tree if you ever want to see your Cynthia again, then go away and hide."

The babies get Tommy's candy bag from the kitchen counter and manage to get most of the candy, but when Angelica looks over the contents, she's disappointed to see they didn't get all of the candy. She then devises another plan, this time involving her Cynthia two-way cellular telephone toy set. Angelica tells the babies that the kidnapper left their phone behind along with Cynthia's left shoe, then goes behind a bush to pretend she's the kidnapper, call the babies through her phone, and tell them to get the rest of the candy.

Feeling this has gone too far, Lil and the boys decide to take matters into their own hands, and look for the kidnapper and get Cynthia back themselves. As they're searching, they notice that Angelica's coloring book is missing a page and that one of Angelica's crayons matches the color that the kidnapper wrote the ransom note in. They place the torn out page back in its place before Angelica, with chocolate smeared around her mouth, comes back and says they're supposed to be getting the rest of the candy for kidnapper and accuses them of not caring about Cynthia.

Tommy questions how Angelica could've known what the kidnapper wanted since she wasn't even there---Angelica lies by saying she heard it on the news. Tommy also questions why the ransom note is from Angelica's coloring book---Angelica lies by saying that the kidnapper must have the same kind of coloring book. Tommy also questions why Angelica has chocolate smeared around her mouth---this gets Angelica mad and she angrily asks, "What's with the third debree (degree)!" Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil search behind the bush, and they find Angelica's backpack, the other phone and all the candy. They get mad at Angelica for faking Cynthia's kidnapping and ask her why she did it. Angelica says that she was jealous because they all got to keep the candy while she didn't.

Drew then comes by with the Queen Cynthia-doll that Angelica wanted (Angelica lied to her Aunt Didi earlier, saying that she lost Cynthia). Angelica gets excited about having her new Cynthia doll, but then notices her original Cynthia doll in Spike's mouth (he dug her up as Angelica was running to her dad). She starts to cry by the backyard.

Glad that Cynthia isn't lost after all, Drew says that they can return the "Queen" Cynthia doll, which greatly upsets Angelica. Drew dances with joy with Angelica in hand until she throws up on him (off screen). Tommy thanks the babies for helping him solving the crime.


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  • According to Lou, there were 22 kids at Susie's birthday party---presumably including herself, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Angelica.
  • The kids mispronounce "kidnap" as "kidlap."
  • In The Seven Voyages of Cynthia, Angelica states that she doesn't want another Cynthia and prefers her old one.
  • This is the second time Angelica barfs on her dad---the first time was in Chuckie Loses His Glasses, where she had gotten sick and dizzy after wearing Chuckie's glasses.


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