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Raising Dil Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 3a
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Raising Dil
Original Airdate February 6, 1999
VHS release Make Room for Dil

Volume 5

DVD release Season 6
Complete Series
Previous Episode Angelica's Twin
Next Episode No Naps

"Raising Dil" is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

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Stu and Didi start Dil's "Baby Book," where they record all of his "firsts." But Angelica tells the Rugrats the book is empty because Dil is a dumb baby, and his parents will probably trade him back. The Rugrats set out to prove that Dil is a smart baby after all, but it won't be easy... - Description from Klasky Csupo


The episode starts off with Chas dropping off Chuckie off at Stu and Didi's house while he leaves for an "outdoor brainstorming seminar" at work. Chas puts Chuckie in the playpen with Tommy, Phil and Lil while he and Stu go into the kitchen, where Betty, Didi, Angelica and Dil are. Betty offers to help Chas make some food to bring to his work seminar before he leaves. Just as she's about to leave the kitchen, Betty sees Dil holding a spoon in his hand, and points this out to Stu and Didi, who get excited about Dil using a spoon by himself for the first. When Betty says they'll have to put this moment in Dil's baby book, Stu and Didi realize that they haven't been keeping a baby book for Dil, and go get it. Chas and Betty leave for the DeVille house, while Chas tells Betty that he finds it easier to record a kid's infancy (using Chuckie as an example) on video rather than just writing it down in a baby book.

Stu and Didi find Dil's baby book and while Didi's looking for something to write in it with, Angelica's curious about why the book's compeletely blank. Didi explains what the book is for, and realizes how far behind she and Stu are in recording all of Dil's firsts as a baby, but Stu assures her that they can probably just recreate everything from memory and go to write things down in Dil's baby book. After Stu, Didi and Dil leave, Angelica starts drawing herself as a princess when Lil and the boys come up to her and ask about the book Tommy's parents had. Angelica explains that it's Dil's baby book, and explains to them that a baby book is, "Where grownups write all the boring stuff you babies do," which she claims are things like, "When you burp and drool and make icky sounds." Since Dil does things like that all the time, Lil figures that Dil's baby book has lots of things in it. But Angelica reveals that Dil's baby book is empty, and Angelica then claims that he never does anything interesting.

Tommy feel that's okay, and points out that he'll do lots of things when he's older. Angelica then claims it's not because Dil's too young and little to do anything (the true reason)--it's because he's dumb. Tommy claims that Dil isn't dumb, but Angelica insists that he is, and lies by claiming that when she was Dil's age, she was already walking, talking and riding a tricycle. Angelica then says that Stu and Didi will probably take Dil back to the "baby store" to trade for a "smart" baby. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil then vow to teach Dil lots of different things to make him smarter. The first thing they do is have a put a ring on a ring stacker toy, but Dil just starts chewing on it. Chuckie then decides to see if Dil knows the difference between "scary" and "nice." Chuckie has Phil pretends to a monster while Lil pretends to be Dil's mom with a blanket. When Chuckie asks Dil which one is better, Dil at first picks Lil, which Tommy and the others get excited about. But then Dil chooses Phil, and the twins, Tommy and Chuckie start to think that maybe Angelica was right about Dil being dumb.

Just then, Angelica comes in, and tries getting Dil to say her name. Tommy then tries teaching Dil words like "Grandpa," "Clicker," and "Sock," but all Dil says is "Mine." Angelica then claims that she could've taught Dil something since she goes to school, so Tommy and the others ask her to teach Dil and make him a smart baby--she only agrees to it if they promise to help her build her "Princess Angelica" castle and moat, and insists that they call her "Ms. Pickles" instead of by her first name.

While Angelica and the babies are outside, Stu and Didi are writing down things in Dil's baby book. While outside, Angelica explains "the whole world" to the babies, and the first thing she tells them is that the sky is blue because it's all water. When Tommy says that he also thought air was up in the sky, Angelica claims that as a teacher, everything she says is right. Lil then asks, "If the sky is water, where's all the fishies?" Realizing this, Angelica then claims that the clouds are made of fish. When the babies keep asking her questions, she tells them that they can't talk in class anymore. Angelica then says that "Underneath the sky is the ground, which is made of cheese." Tommy then points that the ground's not made of cheese, and Dil starts saying "cheese" repeatedly. When Angelica tells him to stop talking, Dil pulls one of her pigtails. Angelica quits being his teacher, but Tommy says he has to teach Dil, and then all the babies and Angelica start talking and screaming at each other.

Hearing the commotion, Stu and Didi go outside to see what's going on. Tommy sees his parents coming and when they come up to the kids and are about to ask Angelica how she got Dil outside, Stu and Didi notice that Dil has his foot in his mouth and is sucking on his toes. Dil's never done that before, so Stu and Didi bring him inside while Didi says, "I think we've got a smart little guy on our hands."

Tommy's happy that Dil's a smart baby after all, Angelica then says, "Okay babies, I saved Dil for you. It's time to get to work on my moat." But Tommy points out that Angelica didn't do anything to save Dil--rather, Dil saved himself. Angelica claims that she taught Dil everything he knows, but Lil points out that she didn't teach him to put his toes in his mouth, and Phil claims that Angelica herself probably can't even do that. Angelica claims that she can and tries showing them, but fails due to not being flexible enough. Chuckie then says that Dil must be even smarter than Angelica, while he and the other babies go inside while Angelica keeps trying to put her foot in her mouth.

While Stu and Didi are writing things down in Dil's baby book, Dil throws up on his dad. Watching this, Tommy says that Dil's baby book should be filled up in no time.


  • This episode marks the first time Dil uses a spoon.
  • This is the first episode focusing on Dil.
  • Dil's first laugh was noticed by the adults on Stu's last birthday, right after he spits up on Stu's birthday cake, despite he actually first laughed in The Rugrats Movie, but was witnessed by the adults.