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Radio Daze Gallery Transcript
Season 4 Episode 5a
Rugrats - Radio Daze
Radio Daze
Original Airdate August 30, 1997
DVD release Season 4
Previous Episode Chicken Pops
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Radio Daze is an episode of Rugrats from Season 4.

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Inspired by an old "Masked Detective" radio broadcast Grandpa Lou is listening to, Tommy enters a film noir world of mobsters and baby bottles as he tries to solve the mystery of the "Malties Woodchuck". - Description from Klasky Csupo


While listening to an old radio show with Grandpa Lou, The Masked Detective, Tommy plays the detective and help solve the mystery of "The Malties Woodchuck", where Angelica wants to take the "Malties" (chocolate-coated malt balls) that are hidden inside a hollowed-out woodchuck (which is placed inside a locked drawer) and eat all of them herself. It was parody of "Whoppers" Malties

The Rugrats play-act the case in a film-noir fashion, while the actual radio show is played in the background. In the actual radio show, The Masked Detective looks for Madame Evil, who has stolen rocket pellets from a scientist.


  • This episode is based on a mix of radio shows and film noir of the 1940's and 50's.
  • "The Malties Woodchuck" is a play on the noir film "The Maltese Falcon" (1941).
  • The infamous "Incredible Storyboard Jam" may of been done for this episode (as with the chocolate malt balls), but this hasn't been confirmed.
  • First time that "Rugrats" episodes aired on a regular basis, since 1994. Originally, the show was slated to be cancelled, but Nickelodeon refused to do that, as they saw potential in the show, and thought it could be their flagship/leader-Nicktoon. As a result of this, they aired the 2 specials in 1995 and 1996 respectively, and once they did successfully, Nickelodeon asked Klasky/Csupo to make a fourth season.
  • This is the first "Imagination Episode" in the revival series.
  • It reveals that Chuckie is very ticklish on his feet when Phil tickles his foot to make him tell her where “The Masked Defective” was hiding.

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The Mystery of the Malties Woodchuck Rugrats NickRewind

The Mystery of the Malties Woodchuck Rugrats NickRewind