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[[Category:Kids that are not babies]]
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Rachel Ann Wyatt Alcroft
Rachel Ann Wyatt Alcroft
Also Known AsRachel Ann
Birth DateUnknown
OccupationSchool student
InterestsReligion and community work
RelativesUnnamed Father

Unnamed Sisters

FriendsTommy Pickles (ex-boyfriend)
Didi Pickles
Kimi Finster
EnemiesTommy Pickles (from All Broke Up)
Voice ActorMeagan Smith (R.V. Having Fun Yet?)

Denise Pickering (Rachel, Rachel)

First AppearanceR.V. Having Fun Yet? (All Grown Up!,2005)
Last AppearanceAll Broke Up (All Grown Up!,2007)
Golden Boy (Mentioned; All Grown Up, 2008)

Rachel Ann Wyatt Alcroft is a character in All Grown Up!. She is Tommy's girlfriend up until All Broke Up.


You can find the gallery of Rachel here

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