Gender Male
Race Dog
Occupation Pet
Interests Dumpster Diving
Phil's collection
Friends Tommy Pickles
Chuckie Finster
Phil DeVille
Lil DeVille
Dil Pickles
Kimi Finster
Susie Carmichael
Angelica Pickles
Enemies Bear
First Appearance "R.V. Having Fun Yet?" (part one) (2005)
Last Appearance "R.V. Having Fun Yet?" (part two) (2005)

Pumpkin is a stray dog that Kimi found in the "All Grown Up!" two-part special, "R.V. Having Fun Yet?". Pumpkin was digging in the garbage when Kimi found him while she was using the restroom.


Pumpkin is a small white dog with brown spots on his abdominal area and two brown spots on his head.


  • Kimi claims she went to every campsite to find the owner, but no one knew the dog.
  • Pumpkin is a dumpster diver.
  • Pumpkin was heavily interested in Phil's collection.
  • Pumpkin saved Phil from being attacked by a bear.
  • "Pumpkin" is a place holder name given by Kimi Finster.
  • Pumpkin's real name is not known.
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