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Project Chuckie Gallery Transcript
Season 2 Episode 10
All Grown Up - Project Chuckie
Project Chuckie
Original Airdate Janurary 15, 2005
Previous Episode The Finster Who Stole Christmas
Next Episode Fear of Falling

Project Chuckie is a tenth episode from Season 2 of All Grown Up!.

Characters Present


Angelica tries to help Chuckie become more popular as a school project, but it backfires when he takes her advice, and he becomes more popular than her.


  • The alternate title "My Fair Chuckie" is probably based on a classic movie entitled My Fair Lady, where a rich man in high society is challenged to make something out of a woman who is a complete nobody.
  • The "Chongo incident" from Chuckie's in Love is mentioned.
  • Ending Tagline: "Gorilla venaleo." "Did I just say that?" - Chuckie


  • Angelica: Ready?
  • Chuckie: Gorilla venaleo.
  • Angelica: ... What?
  • Chuckie: It means "I'm ready." Just made it up.
  • Angelica: Well stop it.


  • Angelica: Okay Finster, observe. (imitates Chuckie's walk) Who does this look like?
  • Chuckie: Well, like a guy who just got splashed in mud, on his way home from a double shift in the mines, to support his mom, who needs an operation, and doesn't have bus money, so he's walking uphill against the wind, through the snow, with a sack of potatoes on his back.
  • Angelica: (debating to herself with frustration) Summer school, Chuckie. Summer school, Chuckie. Urgh! Chuckie! (walks up to him) Chin up.
  • Chuckie: I'll be okay.
  • Angelica: (forces him on his feet) No, chin up! Shoulders back! Chest out! Walk like you're somebody! (Chuckie walks like he always does) Okay, somebody else.


  • Angelica: Hey, big guy; What's the haps?
  • Chuckie: Uh, hey, big guy; What's the haps?
  • Fridge: Not much.
  • Angelica: FEDERAL GAME, DUDE!
  • Chuckie: (flinches) Too loud!
  • Fridge: (quietly) Not much.
  • Chuckie: Oh no, I was talking to my... ear.


  • Tommy: King George?... (turns to Phil) Where's Chuckie?


  • Kimi: Thanks, Tommy! Oh, and duh.
  • Tommy: E-yeah.


  • Chuckie: (quickly) No way, no how, no chance, haha, but thanks. (starts to walk away)
  • Angelica: (innocently) But Chuckie...
  • Chuckie: Angelica, you're up to something. I can feel it. It starts in my feet, and...
  • Angelica: Okay, it's for my project! But you still get what you want.
  • Chuckie: Project? I'm a project?! I can see me as an endeavor, or a mission even, but not a project! Sorry, I am not selling my soul to you, no matter how much I want to be popular!


  • Angelica: Chuckie, you're, well, a gork. Those sad few beyond geek.
  • Chuckie: Not helping yet.
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