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Season 3 Episode 14a
Princess Angelica
Original Airdate December 26, 1993
DVD release Season 3
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"Princess Angelica" is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

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After extensive testing, the Rugrats determine that Angelica is a real princess. Will she leave Drew and Charlotte for her "real" royal father, Sal Fusco, the "Home Office King"?

- Description from Klasky Csupo


The episode begins with Angelica coloring in a "Not So Grimm Fairy Tales" coloring book. When she colors in the queen's dress, she messes up when Drew calls for her, and blames it on Cynthia. She then decides that a creative girl like her doesn't need to color inside the lines, and decides to make the page a nighttime picture by coloring it all black. When Drew walks into Angelica's bedroom to ask her how her cleanup is going, he is shocked to find it is still messy. When Angelica tries to show Drew the picture she colored, Drew reminds her that they made a deal; he promised to buy her a $400 video game system under the condition that she cleaned up her room once a month. Angelica tells Drew that she didn't feel like cleaning this month. Drew scolds Angelica, telling her that whether or not she feels like it, she has to clean her room. Angelica tells him she will clean her room, starting next month. Upon hearing this, Drew tells Angelica that he's not going to put up with her selfish behavior this time, and that he's going to talk to Charlotte about it. As he leaves, Angelica follows him.

In her office, Charlotte is on the treadmill, talking to Jonathan, telling him that she wants her fax machine repaired today, as it may be Sunday in America, but it's Monday in Tokyo, and they can bet the people there aren't lazy. As she watches to the end of a soap opera, a commercial for the Home Office King airs. In the commerical, Sal Fusco, the Home Office King, claims he can fix anything, from toasters, to TV sets, to fax machines, and that he'll treat his customers like royalty. Upon seeing the commercial, Charlotte tells Jonathan to call the Home Office King. Drew walks in, but before he can talk, Charlotte asks him why it's so hard to get your fax machine repaired nowadays. Drew tells Charlotte that he wants to talk to her about Angelica. As Charlotte tells him that Angelica is their little princess, Angelica eavesdrops on their conversation, unknown to them. Drew asks Charlotte if she is aware that lately, Angelica has been acting as if she were a real princess. Angelica overhears and is under the impression that she is a real princess, and her parents are actually her wicked stepparents. Charlotte misunderstands Drew and is impressed when she hears what he said. Drew asks her why, and Charlotte tells him that if Angelica is ever going to make it in a male-dominated power structure, she has to eat, breathe, drink, and sweat self-esteem. Drew informs Charlotte that as much as they've been blessed with a daughter like Angelica, they have to stop spoiling her, or she might suspect she really is a princess. Angelica is excited upon hearing this, and is eager to tell the babies.

Later that day, when Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil come to visit Angelica, Tommy asks Angelica if she really is a real princess. Angelica assures him that that's what she heard from Drew and Charlotte, and that it was really a secret she wasn't supposed to find out about. Chuckie starts to question whether or not Angelica really is a real princess, as she doesn't have a crown. Phil then asks Angelica why she doesn't live in a castle. Lil then asks her why Drew and Charlotte aren't a king and queen. Angelica tells Lil that Drew and Charlotte aren't her real parents, rather, they're her wicked stepparents. Tommy then asks Angelica if that means he isn't really her cousin. Angelica assures him that he's just a simple "pheasant", much to his disappointment. Angelica then tells the babies that her real parents are a king and queen who'd never yell at her, make her put away her toys, or do anything mean to her at all. Chuckie then asks Angelica how he and his friends would know if she really is a princess. Tommy then looks over Angelica's coloring book and gets an idea; they could do a test to see if Angelica really is a princess. He decides that the first test would be the "Princess Rapoozle" test. Chuckie asks him what that is, and Tommy tells him that if Angelica is a real princess, they should be able to climb up her hair. Angelica starts to question Tommy's idea, but Tommy assures her that "Princess Rapoozle" had a prince climb up her hair practically every night. He then tells her it's the only way they'll know for sure, and Angelica reluctantly decides to let Phil and Lil climb up her hair. Lil asks Angelica if she's sure she won't get mad, and Angelica assures her she won't get mad. She then tells Phil and Lil to climb up her hair. Phil and Lil try to do so, but Angelica is in great pain, and tells them to let go. They do so, and Angelica falls over. She then scolds Phil and Lil, telling them that what they're doing is no way to treat a princess.

Angelica decides to try another test, where she stacks a bunch of folded blankets on top of her bed. Her test is the "Princess and the Pea" test, which will tell if she's a real princess for sure. She explains to Tommy, Phil, and Lil that a real princess' skin is so soft, they can feel a pea through many blankets. Lil tells Angelica that she can feel when Phil pees through many blankets, and asks her if that makes her a real princess. Angelica tells them it doesn't, but rather it makes them both disgusting. Chuckie walks in, and Angelica asks him where the pea she asked him to get for her is. Chuckie tells her that he got hungry on the way upstairs, so he ate it, but he does something to substitute for the pea; a fork he found on the kitchen floor. He asks her if it'll work, and Angelica, deciding it will have to do, takes it from him. Angelica puts the fork under the many blankets, and attempts to climb to the top, but the blankets fall on top of her, and she falls off the bed. The babies all laugh, and Tommy tells Angelica she passed the test, all without having to make it to the top, as the fork still hurt. Chuckie then tells Tommy that Angelica didn't pass the test after all, as they didn't use a real pea. This disappoints Lil, who complains that they'll never know whether or not Angelica's a real princess. Angelica looks through her coloring book, and decides to do one more test. She then walks up to Chuckie and tells him not to eat any part of it.

Angelica's test is the Cinderella test. If the slipper she's brought fits on her foot, she's a real princess. She asks Tommy to bring her a slipper, and Tommy brings her a pair of reindeer slippers. She asks Tommy to put them on her, and he does so. To Angelica's delight, the slippers fit. Tommy tells Angelica that she's a real princess after all. Angelica tells the Babies if she hopes they're satisfied. Chuckie then apologizes for him and his friends ever doubting it. Angelica tells Chuckie that she forgives him, and decides to let him be her royal footman. Chuckie thanks Angelica, and asks her what he can do for her first. Angelica then tells him to take her slippers off, which he does.

A few minutes later, Angelica tells the babies to help her pack her bags, as her real dad, the king, will be at her house any minute to rescue her from her wicked stepparents and take her to his castle. After Chuckie helps Angelica pack her bag, she tells him, Tommy, Phil, and Lil to follow her so they can wait for the king to arrive. Chuckie follows her, pulling the heavy full bag.

Downstairs, Tommy asks Angelica if she'd like a lollipop while she waits for the king, and Angelica thanks him for it. Phil looks out the window and asks Angelica where the king is. Angelica tells him not to worry, as he'll be over to her house at any minute. When Angelica finishes her lollipop, she assures the babies that the king will be over at any minute, and discards the stick into an ashtray. Many lollipops later, the king does not come, much to Angelica's disappointment. Angelica begins to lose hope, and tells the babies that the king isn't coming after all, and he's just going to leaver her in her house with her wicked stepparents, who'll make her clean up her bedroom, brush her teeth, and never have any fun. Phil and Lil feel sorry for Angelica, and tell her the king must have forgotten about her. Chuckie then says the king and queen must have had a "rebolution". Tommy then tells Angelica, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil that the king didn't forget about Angelica, and asks Angelica if she's a real princess. Angelica reluctantly tells him she is, and Tommy tells her that he heard enough fairy tales to know. As he tells her that princesses might be taken away from their real parents, live with evil stepparents, and made to clean up their toys, Sal Fusco parks his Home Office King truck in Angelica's driveway. Tommy then tells Angelica that whenever a princess is in trouble, sooner or later, the king does come to rescue her, and assures her that she will be rescued, too. Angelica tells Tommy that she'd like to believe him, but he's just a baby, and she's doomed to live the rest of her life with a bunch of ordinary people. The doorbell rings, and Chuckie points out the window. To Angelica's delight, the Home Office King truck is in her driveway. Lil is impressed with the truck, as is Phil, who notices the crown on top.

Charlotte opens the door, and Sal asks her if she's Mrs. Pickles. Charlotte assures him she is, and asks him if he is the Home Office King. Sal assures her he is, and asks her where her fax machine is. Charlotte decides to lead him to her office. Angelica points to Sal, and tells the babies that he's the king. Chuckie tells Angelica he isn't sure, as Sal doesn't look much like a king. Lil asks Angelica where Sal's crown is, and Phil asks her where his robe is. Angelica tells the babies that Sal is in disguise, so he can go wherever he wants and no one will suspect he's really the king. She then tells the babies to help her pack her things into his truck. Tommy then asks Angelica if she's really leaving. Angelica assures him she is, as she's going to live in the king's palace. Chuckie asks Angelica if she wants to say goodbye to Drew and Charlotte before she leaves, but Angelica tells him she's not going to, as they never let her do anything fun. She then calls the babies over to help her get her stuff packed while she can still leave.

Angelica looks into the dining room, and when she sees the coast is clear, she signals the babies to follow her. They do so while pulling her heavy full bag. Angelica then opens the door to her driveway, runs out, and opens the back doors of Sal's truck. The babies all think the inside looks very fancy, and Angelica assures them that the king only brings the best for the princess. She then tells the babies to help her inside. Tommy and Chuckie do so, and Phil asks her if they can visit the palace and play with all her diamonds and furs. Lil then asks her if they can ride on the royal ponies, and Chuckie asks if they can watch the royal television. Angelica tells them that that stuff is only for princesses, but they can have her old bedroom with all her old toys in it. The babies are impressed and thank her for it, but Angelica tells them that the one condition is they have to clean it up once a month. She then tells them to leave before somebody sees them and she gets caught, then closes the back doors. Tommy then calls for Angelica, who then opens the door and tells him to leave so she won't get caught. Tommy tells Angelica that he'll miss her, and Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all tell her the same. Angelica tells the babies that maybe someday they can visit her at the palace. She then tells them to kneel down. Chuckie, fearing the worst, objects to it. Angelica then tells him that she wants to knight him, Tommy, Phil, and Lil. Chuckie tells her that he's afraid of the dark, but she tells him that she means "Knight" as in make the babies important people. Lil asks Angelica if she means like princesses, and Angelica tells her not quite, but close. She tells the babies to kneel, which they do so, and knights them "Sir Phil, Eater of Earthworms", "Lady Lil, Loudest Screamer in the Land", "Sir Charles, Fraidy Cat Extraordinaire", and "Sir Thomas, the Bravest Baby of Them All." Tommy is impressed, and thanks Angelica. Angelica tells Tommy she enjoyed knighting them, and it's time for her to leave. She closes the back door and says goodbye to the babies. They all say goodbye back to her, and Tommy tells her to write them a postcard when she learns to write. Angelica tells him she will. Tommy then tells Chuckie, Phil, and Lil, that Angelica the Princess is leaving them. Tommy then overhears Charlotte, who is outraged that she has to pay Sal $100.00. He, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all hide in the bushes as Sal walks out to his truck, and assures Charlotte that she's paying for quality. Charlotte is outraged that he charges a fortune just to have him look at her fax machine.

Angelica is satisfied that her plan to escape from her parents worked, and from now on, she'll live the princess' life, with nothing but video games, ponies, and chocolate chip cookies. As Sal boards his truck, Charlotte angrily tells him to get her fax machine fixed by tomorrow morning, as that is her deadline. Sal assures her that he will, and drives away. As Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil peek out from under the bushes, Tommy is suprised that Angelica really is leaving them, and Chuckie hopes she'll be happy with King Sal. Phil and Lil then decide to go up to Angelica's bedroom to play with her toys.

Inside Sal's truck, Angelica talks to Cynthia about her new life in Sal's palace, and she'll just be sitting on her throne, reading comic books all day long. Best of all, she won't ever have to see Drew or Charlotte ever again. Angelica then asks Cynthia why she'd miss them, as all they ever did was make her clean up her room. She then remembers all the good things they did for her, like read her bedtime stories, kiss her good night, take care of her when she's sick. Angelica then realizes she made a terrible mistake leaving them, and asks Cynthia what she should do. Angelica then decides to take Cynthia's advice and call for Sal to take her back to her house.

When she gets back to her house, Angelica tells Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil that things at the castle got boring for her, and she decided to come back to her house. Tommy asks Angelica if she's still a real princess, and she whispers to him not to tell anyone. Charlotte thanks Sal for bringing Angelica home, and apologizes for any trouble she might have caused. Sal tells her it was no trouble at all, as when you spend so much time around home office equipment, you learn a few things about kids. He then tells her that her fax machine wasn't broken at all; it just needed a new roll of paper. Charlotte is embarrassed upon hearing this, but Sal still charges her $100.00, much to her shock. Angelica runs to Drew and hugs him, telling him she's the best dad a girl could ask for. Drew tells her that she's the sweetest little princess. Angelica then asks Drew if he could do her a favor, and he asks her what it is. Angelica tells him not to call her "Princess" as the episode ends.


  • Angelica owns a few animal toys such as dinosaurs, alligators, etc.
  • Moral: Love and respect your mom and dadย 

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