Plumber #1 is an one-time character from the Rugrats episode, "Down the Drain" and he is voiced by Gregg Berger.

Chas calls the Plumber because Tommy and Chuckie are trying to plug up the drain. As he unclogs the drain, Chas asks him if it's bad, and the Plumber tells him that it's not too bad and it'll cost him since it is a house call. Chas then tells him that he's a plumber and what he makes except house calls. While, he writes up a bill and hands it to Chas, he tells him that he hopes it wasn't too much trouble and the Plumber replys that it was no trouble at all as he hands Chas the bill. The Plumber is then called again to drain all the sand out of the bathtub and he uses a vaccum hose. After the job is done, Chas thanks him with his puppets, then does so normally, telling him that he's glad to have hime come back on such short notice, but the Plumber replies "No, thank you!" as he writes up another bill and hands it to Chas.  Chas then calls him one last time when Angelica screams in horror as the Plumber disassembles the toilet, reaches in and pulls out her Cynthia doll which is very dirty.

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