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Season 6 Episode 25a
Rugrats - Planting Dil
Planting Dil
Original Airdate October 30, 1999
DVD release Season 6
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Planting Dil is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

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It's the first day of Spring and Grandpa Lou and Didi are planting seeds in the Pickle's backyard. When Didi says she is going to plant "lots of Dil" (meaning the seeds), Tommy thinks she means they're going to grow him more baby brothers. With Dil crying all the time, one is more than enough . Can the Rugrats stop the grown-ups from sprouting more sprouts? - Description from Klasky Csupo


The episode begins with a cranky Dil lying and crying on a picnic-styled rug with many toys on it. His brother, Tommy, and his friends try to calm him down. The babies grow weary of Dil's crying. He eventually stops, giving the babies relief. However, it is only temporary when Dil passes gas, and starts crying again, bringing dismay to the four protagonists. Phil admits to growing weary of Dil crying, and Lil points out that they've already tried giving him every toy they've got with them. Tommy tries giving Dil a one-eyed rag-doll, but Dil just slaps the doll away and resumes crying. Didi comes outside and finally calms down her youngest son. A reluctant Lou comes outside, carrying some big bags of seeds, and questions Didi why they're planting the garden that day, and complains that he's missing a 24-hour war movie marathon on TV.

Didi says they should plant the garden that day because it's the first day of spring, and she and Lou start talking about what they're going to plant--Lou tells Didi that he's planting rutabagas and reveals that he's collecting various root vegetables that look like American presidents, and that he's currently looking for one that looks like Millard Fillmore, the 13th-president, and Didi says that she's planting various vegetables (like lettuce) and various herbs, like rosemary and dill. When Tommy, Chuckie and the twins overhear Didi say that she's planting Dill, they misinterpret this as Didi planting more of Tommy's brother, Dil. When they try exploring the garden, Lou stops them and says, "We better keep the sprouts away from the sprouts." Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil all find themselves imagining what Dil would look like if he was a sprouting plant. In their fantasy the dill seeds come to life with Dil's head, and they all begin crying. The babies quickly scramble to calm all of the plants down using pacifiers and rattles which daunts them. When they stop daydreaming, Tommy feels nervous about there being more than one Dil. Later that evening, Lou is watching his war films, and the babies have an idea to sneak out into the garden to see if the plants have sprouted. But Dil is crying again. Chuckie gets stuck on his way crawling toward a garden, because his shoelace got caught in a sprinkler. Lou comes outside thinking that there are robbers, but Spike finds the babies outside.

The next day, everything is calm in the Pickles household. Chuckie anxiously awaits for the new Dils to appear. The babies gather diapers, bottles, pacifiers, toys and cookies and head out to Didi's garden in the backyard. Didi comes outside with Dil, and she puts him by his brother and his friends. Tommy sees a head popping out of the garden, but Spike unearths the doll that he dug in the garden. The babies chase the dog around the garden, and Didi comes outside and puts an end to the chase. Tommy sees a green leaf sprouting out of the ground, and he realizes that it was just a plant. The episode ends with the babies wondering what the sees were in the garden, and a stalk slowly pops out of the ground.


  • Millard Fillmore is referred to as "Millard J. Fillmore" throughout the episode despite the fact that he did not have a middle name.
  • Dil's cry, the audio is taken from "The Rugrats Movie."
  • Stu did not appear

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The Rugrats Diaper Commercial The Splat

The Rugrats Diaper Commercial The Splat

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