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Gender Male
Race Human dressed in a pig costume
Occupation Entertainer
Interests Entertaining children
Enemies Angelica
First Appearance Piggy's Pizza Palace (Rugrats) (1997)

Piggy is the mascot of "Piggy's Pizza Palace". He is somewhat similar to real-life "Chuck E. Cheese" with a mixture of possibly Porky Pig. He preaches happiness and respect for others, although he unwittingly takes away Angelica's earned winnings. Because of this, Angelica tries desperately to get her tickets, but is ultimately punished by being placed in the Pig Pen for ten minutes by Ringo the Bull. The babies after various series of trying to catch up to Piggy, finally get him by causing all the balls to come out of the ball pen. Chuckie is personally terrified of him.


Piggy is the mascot of a local arcade and restaurant, Piggy's Pizza Palace. He does not know it, but he scares Chuckie, especially when he walks close to him. Unlike other mascots or walkaround characters seen in the show, the actor in the Piggy costume clearly enjoys his job, even if he gets hurt while doing so (thanks to the kids' shenanigans.) He's even eager to entertain the kids while bandaged and with his arm in a sling.


Piggy is mostly pink. He has white eyes with black pupils, a large nose, and two small ears as well as two arms with light purple hands and two legs.


Piggy has only appeared in one episode of Rugrats, Piggy's Pizza Palace.


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