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Season 7 Episode 2c
Piece of Cake
Original Airdate April 13, 2001
DVD release Season 7
Complete Series
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"Piece of Cake" is an episode of Rugrats from Season 7 .

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Charlotte Pickles bakes a cake, but Angelica eats the whole cake, leading up to an order of events that leads to her running a factory, then she realizes it's all just a daydream.


When Angelica takes a taste of the cake her mommy makes, she imagines eating the entire thing. Then she imagines her mommy taking her to perform in a special talent show, where not only does she win, but she gets to show up Susie Carmichael. This is followed by a feeding frenzy inside a candy shop, and a journey inside the assembly line of a multi-national corporation that makes endless supplies of Angelica dolls and toys. Too bad it was only a dream... or was it? - Description from Klasky Csupo


Charlotte bakes a cake, and Angelica reaches for the cake. Charlotte moves the cake, telling her that it took her all morning to get the flowers right on the cake. When Charlotte leaves the room to do her business, Angelica puts her finger in the cake, tasting it. Then she pulls the cake back, and starts eating handfuls of it. Charlotte walks back into the kitchen, seeing that Angelica had eaten the whole cake. Charlotte decides it's not a big deal, and just makes another cake.

Angelica thinks, and walks outside, where the babies are eating cookies. She brags about she ate a whole entire cake, and then Tommy tells her she can have his cookie. All of the other babies proceed to do so. Charlotte asks Angelica to come see her inside, and Angelica tells her that she was sorry she ate all of the cookies. But, Charlotte tells her that she is a contestant in the Super Special Kids Talent Show.

Angelica wins the contest and Susie comes in second place. She receives a super shopping spree, and a trip to Granny Ginger Snap's Sweet Shop. At Granny Ginger Snap's Sweet Shop, she comes out of a limo on a horse, and walks in. She asks Granny Ginger where the chocolate marshmallows are, and Granny points. Angelica eats some, eats a bite of chocolate cake, eats a scoopful of gumballs, eats some more chocolate marshmallows, then eats some button-shaped candies, as Chuckie comments on how good things to happen to people. Granny tells Angelica that she should share with her friends outside, so she grabs a handful of wrapped candies, and throws them out the window above the front door, where the babies are watching.

Angelica proceeds to eat chocolate muffins, while Granny complements that Angelica is a smart kid, and she says thanks. Then, she comments that she's the only person that she's seen with a sweet tooth like her, and decides to give her the whole Granny Ginger Snap's Sweet Shop franchise.

Angelica, the Rugrats, and some other work at the main factory. Angelica asks Kimi (who looks like a business woman with glasses taking notes) to have more posters of her on the walls. Then, she tells Kimi that her name should be on everything, especially pens. Charlotte gets a job there, and walks in, telling Angelica that what she loves more than corporate domination, is corporate domination with her number one girl.

Angelica then walks up to Phil and Lil, who are operating the sticker conveyor belt, telling them that her head isn't big enough. Another baby hears this, and proceeds to make the doll's heads bigger, too. Then, she tells the babies to put her name bigger on the Angelica Home Game. Then, she tells Kimi that she wants to make an Angelica CD, so that people can listen to her beautiful voice every second of every single day.

She then tells everybody to produce the items faster, and makes them do so. Soon, the whole factory becomes flooded with Angelica merchandise, and then, Angelica snaps out of it, revealing it was all just a daydream. Angelica asks Charlotte about the cake, and she asks if Angelica wants a slice. Angelica then runs out of the room, saying the order of events that had just happened.


  • With the amount of Angelica dolls, games and merchandise out there in toy stores, this episode may not be so farfetched.
  • Charlotte was the only adult in this episode. Surprisingly, Dil doesn't appear.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Charlotte appears without Drew.
  • Moral: Don't let fame go into your head


Angelica: You like me! You really like me!


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