Season 1 Episode 2
Picture Imperfect Title Card
Picture Imperfect
Original Airdate UK: July 26, 2005

US: November 23, 2008

DVD release Tales from the Crib: Snow White
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Picture Imperfect is an second episode of Rugrats Pre-School Daze Season 1. 

Characters Present


The class prepares for their first school pictures, but Harold worries because he has never taken a good picture in his entire life. To calm his fears, Susie convinces Angelica to stand next to him, but when Savannah states that it will ruin her reputation for the rest of her school career, she has doubts about her deal with Harold.


When Angelica suddenly realizes the importance of standing with the cool kids in the class photo, she ditches Harold. But when she discovers how crushed he is, she seeks out Harold to confess life isn't always picture perfect, but sometimes friends can be. Meanwhile, Miss Weemer renews her infatuation with the children's photographer.


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