Drew and Charlotte Pickles House is a house in the neighborhood where Drew and Charlotte Pickles along with their daughter Angelica reside.

Angelica's House.png


Compared to the other residences with Rugrats kids, this Pickles household is an ordinary gable-style house with cream-colored walls with stony accents at the base, and a turquoise roof, and has two dormers: one peeking from the roof on the front side, and the other extending from the first floor to the roofline and has a large window.


The interior when compared to the other Pickleses' home appears to be more stylish and attractive. The living room appears more spacious, is well-furnished with paintings and a stylish hanging lamp, a stereo, lounge chairs, and has a lounging area within the window. Angelica's bedroom appears to be very fancy and well-decorated, has a vanity dresser, and is filled with toys, including her Cynthia doll she regularly relies on.

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