Phillip Richard Bill DeVille
Phil DeVille.svg
Name Phillip "Phil" Richard Bill DeVille
Gender Male
Birth March 31, 1990 (Age: 25)
1 1/4-3 (Rugrats)
11 1/2 (All Growed Up)
10 (All Grown Up! - Season 1-5)
Voice Kath Soucie
Interests Devouring Worms
Playing with his friends
Relatives Lil DeVille (twin sister)
Betty DeVille (mother)
Howard DeVille (father)
Winifred (second cousin)
Freddie (uncle)
Ned (uncle)
Nana & Gramps (great-grandparents)
Friends Tommy, Chuckie, Lil (frienemy), Kimi, Susie, Angelica Pickles (ocassionally), Dil
Enemies Angelica
First Appearance Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing (Rugrats, 1989-1990)
Last Appearance Brothers Grimm (All Grown Up!, 2008)

Phillip "Phil" Richard Bill DeVille is a main character in both Rugrats and its spin off series, All Grown Up!, appearing in most episodes of both series. He is the first tritagonist of the series. Phil is one of Tommy's, Dil's and Chuckie's best friends, and is very close with his twin sister, Lil, although they often bicker with each other. He is a minor protagonist in the series.

10 year old Phil in season 2-5 of All Grown Up! (2004-2008).


Phil and Lil are adorable twins who are alike in almost every possible way, and are even dressed to match: both wear pink and black pin-stripe shirts and turquoise outfits (Phil's being a shirt and Lil's being overalls) with a handkerchief on the left side and a duck on the right, and both have a small amount of brown hair on top of their oddly-shaped heads. Phil wears blue shoes and shorts and is drawn (for the most part). Phil is younger than Lil by two minutes.

Phil plays with orange soda, and mustard dispensers at the movie theater. They also share the same interests: playing in mud, and consuming worms (which they have often called "Chocolate Spaghetti"), bugs and toilet water. They often use their full first names, Phillip and Lillian, against one another when arguing. Their parents, Betty and Howard, often confuse the two despite permanent differences, like the ears, as well as (of course) their genders.


Phil's skin is mostly peach, and has a block/football shaped head. He wears a pink undershirt with black pinstripes, a turquoise overall dress (with a handkerchief on the left side and a duck on the right), white ankle length/high socks, a pair of blue hi-top sneakers, and baby blue long shorts.


Phil appears in most episodes of Rugrats and All Grown Up!, although he and his sister made fewer appearances in the last few seasons of Rugrats. He and Lil are absent from 59 episodes of Rugrats. His first appearance was in Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing, while his last appearance was in the All Grown Up! episode Brothers Grimm.


  • (to everyone) "Naw, that's just sticky." - Vacation
  • (to everyone) "And this is more fun than picking noses!" - The Rugrats Movie
  • (to everyone) "Anything that makes you throw up has got to be good!" - The Age of Aquarium
  • (to everyone) "A twin's gotta do, what a twin's gotta do!" - The Perfect Twins
  • "What's the fun of gettin' garbage if ya don't get to keep it?" - Lil's Phil of Trash


Phil has the record for the most camera views from inside his mouth. This is first seen in the pilot, Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing, to the film Rugrats Go Wild, though it is never seen in All Grown Up!.

  • Phil was seen as a 1-8 year old in the All Grown Up! episode Truth or Consequences (where he humiliated Tommy (who didn't do anything bad)).
  • Phil is too bad and crazy and has the hair-trigger temper (same as Chuckie and Angelica).
  • Phil has/had shown negativity (same as Chuckie and Angelica have) and he apologized for being negative/making fun of Tommy.
  • He sounds like Lil.
  • Phil plays with orange soda and mustard dispensers in the episode At the Movies.
  • Phil was seen as a preteen and having braided or unbraided curly hair since Season 2 of All Grown Up!.
  • Phil had straight hair in seasons 0-1 of All Grown Up!.
  • Phil had fiery hair (hair wings) in seasons 0-1 and 5 of All Grown Up!.
  • Phil's love interest and girlfriend was 16-17 year old Walletta "Wally" Wallace-Ramon or Ramon-Wallace, and someone else who's unnamed as a girl (since season 5 of All Grown Up!).
  • Phil has only cried on his own in four episodes: Beauty Contest, Together at LastChicken Pops and Trading Phil, although he does it without tears.
  • He is two whole seconds younger than Lil
  • Phil yelled at Chuckie and shakes Chuckie's shirt in Together at Last.
  • Phil was a gangsta/gangster in Chuckie's Wonderful Life.
  • It is revealed in a nick magazine that Phil and Lil's birthday is March 31st and that they are 15 months, when Tommy is 1, making them 3 months older than Tommy.
  • It is revealed in The Rugrats Movie that Phil poops an awful lot, when Tommy complains to Phil.
  • Phil says he only has three teeth in Clan of the Duck but he is shown with about eight teeth when biting down on the hose. Of course he could be saying his only has three teeth fully grown in


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