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Pepper Finster.jpg
Also Known As Pepper/Sparky
Gender Female
Race Dog
Relatives Fifi (mother)
Spike (father)
Spiffy (Brother)
First Appearance "A Tale of Two Puppies"

Pepper/Sparky is one of the puppies of Spike (dad) and Fifi (mom). She was born in "Bow Wow Wedding Vows" and had her first major role in "A Tale Of Two Puppies", but was called Puppy by the babies in that episode. She was finally named Pepper (Sparky in the international premieres)" by Chas in "Mutt's in a Name". One of the puppy's siblings is her brother, Spiffy, who was adopted by the Pickles' family so he could stay with their dad while she was adopted by the Finster family and stayed with their mom.

In "A Tale Of Two Puppies", she and Spiffy's seven other siblings had already been adopted, as the Pickles' and the Finster families had planned on giving all of the puppies away. At first, the puppy had started off as being scared of almost everything (she actually bares a strong resemblance to Chuckie Finster, both physically and personality wise). Chuckie spent most of "A Tale Of Two Puppies" trying to help her become brave (with some help from his friends). In the end, after she saw Chuckie being brave and standing up to Angelica Pickles, who had come over to see the puppies because her dad said she could have one, the puppy got brave and started barking at Angelica, who then decided that she didn't want to have a puppy.

In "Mutt's in a Name", the puppy was seemingly depressed for most of the episode, but Tommy, Chuckie and Kimi thought it was because they hadn't named her yet (they were still calling her "Puppy"). In the end, it turns out that she had accidentally swallowed a piece of Kira's jigsaw puzzle, and once she spit it back up, she had her usual "pep/spark" back, which was what inspired Chas to name her "Pepper/Sparky."


  • Puppy's name was originally going to be Sparky, however Nickelodeon in the US for view numbers wanted to give the viewers the chance of naming Puppy in their U-Pick segments. Out of the three candidate names, including Sparky, Pepper was the winner and was aired within the US airing of the episode. However the episode with the original Sparky name had already been aired in countries outside of the US. Because of this, the two different names of puppy have caused a divide between the Rugrat viewers in the US and the rest of the world, despite Klasky Csupo admitting that the puppy's name had changed from their original name of Sparky to Pepper.
  • Pepper/Sparky does not appear in All Grown Up!. Her brother, Spiffy, appears at least once in the series. It could possibly mean Pepper/Sparky died, or she was given away due to Chas' allergies and having two dogs in the house may have made them worse. That or she was just never in the same scene as the characters. One reason could be due to her having two different names.


Pepper/Sparky is a scared and quiet puppy. She first appears in "A Tale of Two Puppies". She and her brother, Spiffy are the last two. Chuckie understands how she is frightened, and he teaches her how to be brave so she can go to a nice loving home. Chuckie tries to find her her own Wawa so she won't be scared. Success was not going good and Angelica arrives and tries to take her away. But luckily, she sees how Chuckie is being brave, and barks at Angelica. Chuckie's parents decide to let Kimi and Chuckie keep her, and her brother Spiffy ends up staying with Tommy.


Pepper/Sparky appears in "Mutt's in a Name"; she is not acting like herself. The babies think that she's sad because she doesn't have a name. In the end, they name her Pepper/Sparky. It turns out she's sad because she ate a puzzle piece. She also appears in "Bestest of Show".

Color & Looks

Pepper/Sparky has red and orange, long wavy hair exactly like Chuckie's. She is orange with white ears that look like torn socks. She has a blue/purple circle around her eye like Chuckie's glasses.


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