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Paul Gatsby.png
Paul Gatsby
Also Known As Paul Gatsby

The Dummi Bear Man

Gender Male
Birth Date 1954
Age 37
Race Human
Occupation Cartoonist
Interests Writing, coming over to his employees' houses for dinner.
Relatives (none known)
Friends Randy Carmichael
Enemies (none known)
Voice Actor Phil Proctor
First Appearance Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster (Rugrats, 1993)

Paul Gatsby is a cartoonist and creator of the popular TV show Dummi Bears. It is clear he enjoys Lucy Carmichael's cooking and has a friendly relationship with the Carmichael family. He almost instinctively rushes over whenever he hears Susie crying, wanting to keep her happy.

He is a caricature of former Rugrats creator Paul Germain.


Paul Gatsby is the creator of the fictional Dummi Bears children's empire. He is based on real-life Rugrats co-creator Paul Germain. Paul is a generally calm, but stern person. He likes Randy as a writer and his family in general, but he tires of Randy's repetitive writing material with plots. He's rejected a lot of his plots, though in his opinion they were all the same. Susie believed he liked their family so much that he'd buy them a new house every time he enjoyed dinner. However, what Paul most likely did for Randy was try to find new inspiration and write new material. He's a bit disturbed at how all of his neighbors overly enjoy the stupid cartoon and how Chas takes it a bit too seriously (calling it, with good reason, "mindless"). While he might enjoy how the Dummi Bears have become a success, he becomes increasingly annoyed with how the DeVille's trying to show their over enthusiasm for the show and Drew's attempt to become a business associate with him.


Paul is mostly a peach color. His hair is black (though the top is a toupee) and his beard is a blue-grey color. He wears a light purple shirt and a pair of clear glasses.


Paul Gatsby only appears in one episode of Rugrats, but is mentioned several times. His first true appearance was in Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster.


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