Pat Sajak
Name Pat Sajak
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Game Show Host
Only Appearance Chuckie is Rich

Pat Sajak is a real-life television emcee. He currently hosts Wheel of Fortune, as well as previously hosting his own talk show. On "Rugrats", he is also the spokesman for a Publishers Clearing House-like multi-million dollar sweepstakes that Chas wins in the episode Chuckie is Rich, and Chas' reaction is exactly what would happen if he was a contestant on Wheel. Vanna White, his co-host for Wheel, doesn't appear. However, his son, Pat Sajak Jr., makes an appearance as one of the children at the daycare center for wealthy children.

Pat Sajak looks nothing like how he looks in real life, but he actually made Chaz faint after when he won the ten million dollar grand prize. But Chaz is actually throwing away the money after when he earned it, unlike a contestant on Wheel who would use the cash they earn wisely.


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