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Season 6 Episode 24a
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Partners In Crime
Original Airdate October 23, 1999
DVD release Season 6
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"Partners In Crime" is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

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Angelica watches an old movie about a bank robbing couple with Grandpa Lou and gets inspired to go on a toddler "crime spree" with Dil, her partner in crime. Can Tommy stop Angelica from teaching Dil to be bad? - Description from Klasky Csupo


Lou, Angelica, Tommy and Dil Pickles, and Chuckie Finster are hanging out in the downstairs TV room at the home of Stu, Didi, Tommy and Dil. Lou's sleeping, Angelica's drawing, and Tommy and Chuckie are playing with toy airplanes. Dil tries taking Tommy's plane, but Tommy won't let him. Angelica's impressed with it, but Tommy tells Dil not to listen to her, saying that he wouldn't want to grow up to be like Angelica. Angelica's annoyed by this, and then goes to see what Lou was watching on TV--some fishing show, which Angelica finds boring. She changes the channel, and sees an old black-and-white crime movie.

Just then, Lou wakes up, and sees the movie, which he's seen before. Angelica asks her grandpa about the movie, and Lou says that the man and woman in the movie are "partners in crime"--bank robbers to be precise. Angelica's impressed by the movie, and Lou's surprised that Angelica would want to be like them, saying they're criminals. Just then, Didi comes in and scolds Lou for letting the kids watch a movie like that, fearing it will leave lasting impressions on their "little psyches." Didi also tells Lou that they're all going to the park and he'll have to watch the crime movie another time. Lou doesn't want to go to the park, but then he sees his mini-TV and brings that with him so he can watch the crime movie.

Meanwhile, at the park, Lou's off in an area watching his crime movie, Angelica's driving around in her pink Cynthia car, and the other Rugrats are all eating lunch. Stu finds Lou watching the movie, and starts watching it with him. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil are throwing food to Spike, when Angelica calls for their attention. She's taken a tray of cupcakes and has eaten ten of the twelve cupcakes that were in the tray. But this gets her in trouble with her mom and Aunt Didi, the former of whom punishes her by not letting her have any sweets for a week.

Angelica decides to make Dil her "partner in crime" after she sees him take a little notepad from her mom's bag, and uses her toy binoculars and spies two big birthday parties going on. While Chas goes to look for a first aid station and Didi and Betty go to look for Lou and Stu, and Charlotte's watching Dil and reading a newspaper, Angelica takes a pair of sunglasses and a scarf, and Dil, while her mom's not looking. Angelica buckles Dil into her car, and she takes him on their "crime spree."

The first thing Dil does is take another baby's bottle, which Angelica says is good for "practice." Tommy sees and becomes worried about Dil, and tells his friends that they have to go after them. They all pile into the Reptar wagon, with Spike hooked up to it with a rope, and they go after Angelica and Dil. Meanwhile, Chas finds Lou and Stu and starts watching the crime movie with them. Angelica spies a big bowl of cookies at one of the two birthday parties going on (this one is a children's party). Tommy sees this and says they have to stop them before Dil takes the cookies. But Spike sees a squirrel and starts chasing it, making the rope break and causes Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil to crash into a big mud puddle, which gets Phil and Lil excited.

Angelica and Dil drive by the bowl of cookies, which Dil knocks into his lap--the bowl falls onto the ground, but most of the cookies fall into Dil's lap (Angelica lets Dil take one cookie, but takes the rest for herself). Tommy, Chuckie and the twins push the Reptar wagon out of the mud puddle, but Phil and Lil leave Tommy and Chuckie to make mud men (Lil also says that Dil's a goner since he already stole the cookies). Tommy and Chuckie keep following them, but Tommy's the lookout while Chuckie's pulling the wagon.

Didi and Betty find Lou, Stu and Chas and end up watching the crime movie with them (although Didi's a little annoyed with Betty and the men at first). Angelica decides that she needs a hideout where Dil can't get her loot (she hides it in bush near the park's restroom). She then feels that she needs to pull of an even bigger "heist" than the cookies, and spies a big birthday cake for an elderly man named Ezekiel "Zeke" Davis, who has just turned a hundred years old (which the local news is covering). Angelica decides to steal Zeke's cake, which Tommy sees and he and Chuckie go after her (this time without the Reptar wagon).

When Angelica tries taking Zeke's cake, she gets caught by the people at his party, and takes only the top layer (with the candles), and takes it to her hideout. Tommy and Chuckie walk into the party (with Zeke giving Tommy his birthday hat), but then he and Chuckie go after Angelica and Dil. Just as Angelica's taunting Tommy and Chuckie, she crashes into the bush where she hid the cookies. Tommy orders Angelica to surrender. However, Angelica starts eating the cake, but then starts to feel sick after Dil picks off a piece and puts it in her mouth. When she gets out of her car and sits on the ground, a big group of angry people led by her mom come up to her, and an infuriated Charlotte tells Angelica that she's in really big trouble, much to Angelica's dismay. Tommy, Chuckie, and the twins join Dil in Angelica's car and drive back to the picnic party where they can reunite with the adults.

At the end, the adults finish watching the crime movie (the couple in the movie get arrested by the police and sent to jail) and gather up all the picnic stuff, and Charlotte punishes Angelica by not letting her watch TV or have any new clothes or toys for an entire month, among others. Didi thanks Charlotte for looking after Dil. Dil has somehow managed to snatch a cookie from Angelica and showed it to the babies, and they all laughed.


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