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Otto Rocket
Otto Rocket.png
Name Otto Rocket
Gender Male
Species Human
Relatives Reggie (older sister)
Raymundo (father)
Danielle (birth mother, deceased)
Noelani Makani (step-mother)
Friends Twister Rodriguez
Sam Dullard
Rivals Lars Rodriguez
Theodore McGill
Voiced by Joseph Ashton
Age 11
43 (age in 2021)

Otto Rocket is the lead character on Rocket Power. He is a boy in early adolescence living in Ocean Shores with his sister Reggie and widowed father Raymundo. A skilled, prodigious, and highly competitive athlete, he has won numerous competitions in surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding; he is also very handy with a bicycle and with rollerblades, and is captain of the youth-league roller-hockey team that he and Reggie share with best friend Twister, and newcomer "squid" Sam.

Appearances in Rugrats

Otto, along with Reggie and Twister, appeared in the comic book story "Power Play!", published in the final issue of Rugrats Comic Adventures. In the story, Otto accompanies his sister when Didi hires her to babysit Tommy and Angelica.

Otto also had a cameo in the Rugrats newspaper comic strip, as part of a crowd shot in the strip that was published on February 18, 2002.


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