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Opposites Attract Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 10a
Rugrats - Opposites Attract
Opposites Attract
Original Airdate February 13, 1999
DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode Angelica's Ballet
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Opposites Attract is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.

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Tommy and Chuckie decide to go their separate ways in the park because Tommy wants to climb rocks and Chuckie wants to pick dandelions. Soon Chuckie meets a kid named Freddie who is just like he is...scared of everything...and Tommy meets a girl named Samantha (Sam) who is adventurous like him. Will Tommy and Chuckie remain best friends, or will their new friends win them over with their similar personalities? - Description from Klasky Csupo.


It starts with ants in the grass at the park. Betty, Didi, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Dil arrive with a picnic. Tommy wants an adventure to climb rocks but Chuckie finds the idea scary. He just wants to blow dandelions and talk to bugs. They do the classic one-word-per-person-same-word-each-time argument. They ask Phil and Lil for advice and Phil says that they should all spit on the dirt and then play with the ants when they go to get a drink. Phil and Lil walk off together and Chuckie and Tommy decide to separate. Didi and Betty decide to play five card stud. Chuckie is talking to himself and then bumps into another boy, they both scream. The boy (Freddie) agrees to blow dandelions so long as none get stuck up their noses. Tommy climbs up a rock and a lovely little girl called Samantha (Sam) asks if he will jump. They both jump. Samantha then says that they can explore rocks, trees, swings and a cave. Phil and Lil are spitting on the dirt. Chuckie and Freddie with dandelions discuss their fears. They walk over the bridge that Tommy and Sam go under. Samantha tells Tommy about her boo boos and they go to play in the mud. Then Sam wants to climb a rock that Tommy doesn't. Phil and Lil pour a whole bucket of water on the anthill. Chuckie is mad at Freddie. Phil and Lil show Freddie the ants which Freddie is scared of and runs away. Sam is on the swing and Freddie's on the climbing frame. Tommy wants to save Freddie who slipped. Sam tries to save Freddie, but because of her careless nature, her methods prove tactless and ineffective as all she does is pull Freddie's hair, and ends up terrorizing him. Tommy bumps into Chuckie. Tommy and Chuckie and introduce their new friends Freddie and Sam to each other.Phil and Lil show up and Chuckie want them to sit on the seesaw. Chuckie does too and Tommy climbs on to the jungle gym.  Samantha to let go which she does. everyone is OK if a little miffed. Freddie and Sam go off to play.


  • Freddie thinks oatmeal can eat you, that sand lizards grow in your pockets, and that ants grow gigantic when they get wet.
  • "Opposites Attract" is coincidentally also the name of a Dexter's Laboratory episode.
  • Moral: Friends don't always have to like the same stuff.


Lil: Uh Oh! I think somebody's got their diapies in a bunch!

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