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One Big Happy Family Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 4a
One Big Happy Family title card.png
One Big Happy Family
Original Airdate May 27th, 2021 (streaming release)
Previous Episode Jonathan for a Day
Next Episode The Last Balloon

"One Big Happy Family" is the first segment of the fourth episode of the first season of the 2021 series of Rugrats. It premiered May 27th, 2021 on Paramount+.

Characters Present


Angelica takes advantage of a family problem to make Tommy and Chuckie play a game of house. - Description from Paramount+


Angelica is at home, eating breakfast cereal, while Charlotte chatters on the phone, rescheduling some meetings. Jonathan promises he's already on it before hanging up and Charlotte complains about him being on two weeks of paid vacation. Drew then comes up next to her, telling her that his father's house has to be fumigated for bugs and that Stu and the others are coming to stay. While Charlotte chokes on her coffee, Angelica expresses delight at the idea of everyone coming to stay. Drew says they're all one big happy family and Charlotte tells her it's how being married works: that you have to learn to share everything.

Lou, Stu, Didi, Tommy and Spike all arrive and Angelica welcomes them. Stu says the place is even bigger than he remembers, admitting he hasn't been invited since he broke the toilet. While Angelica shows him the bathroom, Didi asks Charlotte is really alright with this, but Charlotte sing-songs that she's happy to spend her alone time with family. Angelica offers a tour and Drew suggests that she show Tommy her room so that he can start to get comfortable. When Angelica protests at having to share her room with a baby, Charlotte reminds her that she shares a room with Drew and neither of them complain. Stu then invites Drew to play their favorite video game, DoorStop, on the large flat-screen. Drew calls it "classic Stu" that he's still playing video games but then admits that Charlotte made him donate all of his to charity.

In her room, Angelica complains to Cynthia about her parents ruining her life, while playing nice to Didi and telling her that she and Tommy are going to "have the best time." Tommy asks her if she wants to play spaceman, but she says that it isn't playtime because if they're sharing a room, it means that they're married. She tells him that things are different now that they're married. She says the first thing he has to do is donate all of his toys to "charity," tossing his spaceman toy in a pile of her toys. She then makes him sit down for a "dinner party." She sits him down for a pretend tea party and makes a toast to him, but he crawls away, trying to get his toy back. She tells him they've only been married ten minutes and he can't just go crawling up, but when he starts spinning his teacup, she gives up on the idea of the party. She says that what they need is a vacation.

Her idea of a "vacation" turns out to be taking Tommy for a wild ride in her Cynthia car. She runs circles around Stu and Drew, who are so completely absorbed in the DoorStop game that they fail to notice. She then very nearly runs over Spike before telling Tommy that she thinks they're lost and that he should take control. Meanwhile, Charlotte comes down the stairs, talking on the phone and trying to get Jonathan to get her out of the situation she's in. She ends up in the kitchen, where Didi says that she's whipping up some meringues to thank her. She asks Charlotte where she keeps her whisk, but Charlotte tells her that she won't find one, that nobody's ever used this kitchen to actually cook. She then walks away, saying she needs to be somewhere else. Back in the living room, Stu tells Drew that Chas and Chuckies' house is also infested with bugs, asking if they can stay too. Engrossed in the game, Drew thoughtlessly agrees.

Charlotte is then made to get the door, admitting Chas and Chuckie. Chuckie heads to Angelica's room, where Angelica says he's a lifesaver. She tells him that she and Tommy are married and they need a baby, so he'll be the baby. She names him Blaine and puts him a stroller with a pacifier in his mouth. She tells Tommy that they're taking him to the toy store. She points out her toy pile, saying he can have all the toys he wants. Tommy tells Chuckie that Didi usually lets him only have one toy, but Angelica says this just means she's a nicer mommy, burying Chuckie in a pile of toys. She then has him watch a bunch of cartoons, calling him the best baby in the world. An Angelica head floats around Chuckie, who seems to be getting into the experience. Elsewhere, Charlotte heads to the bathtub for a soak, only to find that Lou is already using it. Back in Angelica's room, Tommy pretends to feed Chuckie spaghetti, but he tells him that he doesn't want it, calling him a "dumb baby." Angelica says that Tommy spoiling Chuckie, who says that it just flew out of his mouth. He asks Tommy's forgiveness, saying he's not cut out to be anyone's baby, but Tommy says that he is: his real daddy's.

Tommy apologizes to Angelica, saying he tried to be a good roomie, but he doesn't want to be married anymore. Angelica gasps. Back downstairs, Drew is winning at the game when suddenly the smoke alarm goes off. He gets up to check it out, while Stu just keeps playing, declaring himself still undefeated before finally heading off to check. Charlotte stares in shock at the mess Didi has made and the smoke billowing out of a pan. She smothers it with a bowl, but Drew still comes in and sprays a fire extinguisher, creating an even bigger mess. Charlotte then lets out a scream so loud it can be heard outside. The Pickles and Finsters are sent packing. Angelica says that this is goodbye and they shake hands, saying that they tried their "bestest." As Didi takes Tommy to the car, she asks who's ready for a sleepover at Aunt Betty's. Angelica, Charlotte and Drew watch the car drive away from their doorstep. Angelica asks her parents to promise that they'll never do that again. "Well..." Drew says, but Charlotte emphatically states that they promise, and Drew agrees "If that's what your mother wants" as they head inside.


  • Angelica renames Chuckie, "Blaine", for the second time; the first was in the original series episode "Mother's Day".
  • This is the first episode in the reboot in which Phil and Lil and Susie don't appear in.