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On The Loose is a Blockbuster Video-exclusive "Kidmongous" rental Rugrats VHS tape featuring the episodes from Diapered Duo and Mommy Mania.


  1. The Rugrats Movie Teaser Trailer
  2. Rugrats Videos Trailer
  3. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  4. Paramount Home Video
  5. Nickelodeon Montage Bumper ID
  6. Rugrats Theme Songs
  7. Down the Drain
  8. The Odd Couple
  9. Mirrorland
  10. Give and Take
  11. Farewell, My Friend
  12. "Mother's Day"
  13. "Family Feud"
  14. "Game Show Didi"
  15. "Mommy's Little Assets"
  16. Rugrats Credits
  17. Klasky Csupo Graffiti Logo
  18. Nickelodeon Flower Logo (With Tommy's Voice)
  19. Paramount Home Video

Episodes Featured


  • This is the only Rugrats Videos that has been above over 1 hour.