Oh Brother Rugrats
Oh, Brother!
Number of Pages 24
Written by Luke David
Released June 1, 1999
Oh, Brother! is the 9th Rugrats 8x8 book and was released June 1, 1999.



Everyone is gaga over Tommy's new baby brother Dylan (a. k. a. "Dil") Pickles. And poor Tommy and Chuckie can't seem to get the "growed-ups'" attention anymore. So what's a baby to do? Find out in this humorous yet touching story about how Tommy begins to accept his new role as a big brother. - Back Cover


Tommy builds a block tower and Dil knocks it over, which make Didi and Stu pleased at the baby's motor coordination, but annoys Tommy. Chas notes that Dil holds his head up well. Tommy and Chuckie say that they, too, can hold their heads up, but the grownups think Dil is very special. Then Dil puts his foot in his mouth, with Didi noticing that Dil is adorable, which Tommy and Chuckie mishear as "a doorbell" so they try to be doorbells by ringing cymbals (Chuckie) and bells (Tommy) but Didi thinks they are being too noisy, saddening Tommy. Dil makes a spit bubble, to which Chas coos at Dil's chin and comments little babies are delightful, which Tommy and Chuckie mishear as "light-full" so they try to be light-full by shining torches, which bothers Charles as Chuckie is shining the light in his (Chas's) eye, sadenning Chuckie. Didi comments on the non-easiness of caring for infants and Dil blubbers his lips and smiles. Didi returns the smile and kisses Dil, declaring him angelic, to which the two older boys think she means "like Angelica" so Tommy does what Angelica would do, which is hide Dil with a blankie, making Dil cry, scream, pull the blanket off and kick his limbs. Didi goes to get his bottle from the kitchen and Chas goes to get his binky from upstairs. Tommy plays with a toy train and they make faces, cheering up Dil, to the delight of Chas and Didi, who declare Dil lucky to have a good brother and friend, so everyone is happy.


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