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Season 6 Episode 23a
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Officer Chuckie
Original Airdate October 16, 1999
DVD release Season 6
Complete Series
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"Officer Chuckie" is the twenty-third episode from Season 6 of Rugrats.

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Angelica is at Officer Dan's Preschool Safety Town, attempting to learn road safety while driving go karts. When Dil throws his ball into the go kart track and Chuckie goes after it, he become trapped by all the kids speeding by him and begins to cry. Officer Dan rescues him and makes him honorary safety officer. But will Chuckie follow the letter of the law too closely and not let his friends have any fun? - Description from Klasky Csupo


It starts at the park, where Officer Dan is teaching some little kids how to ride go-karts, also teaching them about safety. The kids run off, tipping the caution cones. "Walk, don't run" says Officer Dan. "Ouchies aren't fun." Didi rights the cones. The kids then get into their go-karts. Angelica is riled up that hers is not an actual car. They then drive off. Angelica is being a bit of a "road hog", bumping into cones and other go-karts. Officer Dan blows his whistle and says "Stay alert. Don't get hurt." Angelica then rides properly, which Officer Dan approves. He expresses his approval with another rhyme: "Hands on the wheel, peddling light, this little girl is riding just right." She then stops, and greets the babies, who are cheering. Chuckie asks why they don't get to ride go-karts, to which Angelica replies "Because 'grown-up' kids got bigger brains and don't wet their pants!" Chuckie says he doesn't wet his pants hardly ever. Tommy says that they are okay with not riding the go-karts as they are having fun teaching Dil about the park. Lil taught him peek-a-boo, and Tommy is teaching ball, but Dil sucks the ball instead of throwing it. Angelica says "Too bad all he can do is dribble" and rides off, knocking more cones over.

Dil throws the ball onto the road and cries. Chuckie fetches the ball in order to cheer Dil up but is intimidated by the go-karts moving all around him. He cries, and Officer Dan picks him up, saying "When crossing the street, stop, look and listen before moving your feet". He then puts Chuckie on a bench and reassures the boy that he is safe now. Dan then asks if Chuckie could help him, and gives Chuckie handcuffs, a badge which reads "SAFETY OFFICER", a whistle, and a police hat. The duo then go down the toy street. While doing this, Officer Dan notices a little boy about to pet a model dog and warns him: "Never pet a dog that's strange to you. That'd be a dangerous thing to do." Angelica then climbs out of her go-kart and hums. Didi is still working with the cones, and Dan says "Safety first", thanks and salutes Chuckie, and drives off. Chuckie salutes back.

Chuckie then shows the other babies that Officer Dan had made him a safety officer, which is a person who makes sure nobody gets hurt. The babies are impressed, and Phil wants to look at the handcuffs but is not granted. Lil suggests playing a race with Dil, and Tommy agrees, but when they start racing, Chuckie halts them as he doesn't think they should be running due to the Walk, Don't Run rule he heard earlier. Lil says one is supposed to run when racing, to which Chuckie says they can run, but not too fast. The other babies run off again, but Chuckie is not satisfied with how slow they run until they stop moving. Tommy and Phil point out that they can't race if they don't move, and Chuckie decides his friends should not race. The babies then fall over as they were freeze-framed in a running pose. In the sandbox, the babies are teaching Dil to make a sandcastle.

The toy truck flings sand, and Chuckie tells Tommy off for "throwing" sand. Phil notices he has walked across the sandbox without looking both ways and asks to be handcuffed, but since a sandbox is not a street and Chuckie doesn't want to use the handcuffs, he says "Just forget the cuffs. Okay, Phil?". Phil falls down and Chuckie walks away. Didi is putting the traffic cones in the shed. Angelica is driving Cynthia around in a remote controlled car. Didi, who is bored, tells Angelica to keep the car away from the babies. Angelica naughtily laughs and presses the button to make the car move around on its own. Chuckie is getting paranoid and Tommy suggests airplanes as a game, but Chuckie says "You might crash". Lil suggests Pin the Tail On the Donkey, to which Chuckie thinks she means a real donkey and says "Could get kicked." Phil suggests Ring Around the Rosie, but Chuckie worries they will hurt themselves falling down. Tommy searches Didi's bag and finds blocks to play with. Chuckie worries about the block with a picture of scissors on it. Chuckie polishes his badge while the twins complain about the new rules. Tommy reminds them Chuckie is trying to keep them safe, and then pets Spike, to which Chuckie says "Never pet a dog that's strange to you or you might get something on your shoe." Tommy reminds his friend that Spike is his dog, but Chuckie says that the dog may not be Spike. He then steals Dil's bottle, claiming the infant was drinking too fast, and making him cry.

Tommy then gets angry at Chuckie for making his brother cry and being uptight. This makes Chuckie angry, and the twins side with Tommy. Chuckie is still concerned with safety. Tommy is confident in their own safety. Chuckie then runs after a rabbit who he thinks should be walking, not hopping. Angelica drives the car to "scare the diapers off" the babies, who are building with blocks. The car knocks over the blocks, the babies run off, and Chuckie tells Spike not to eat his bone on the grass.

He then unties Spike and walks him after the babies to "save" them in the Reptar wagon, and puts the babies inside, except Phil, who, confused, falls over, and they collect them. Phil wonders if he is in Heaven and where his goldfish is. Angelica continues to play with Cynthia's car, which crashes into Didi, who returns the now-ruined car to her. Angelica pulls out every excuse in the book while Didi takes her away. The babies, impressed, climb out of the wagon. Chuckie feels guilty and resigns as he broke some rules: didn't look both ways, touched Spike etc. Tommy and Phil however say he was still keeping them safe, which Chuckie agrees that's all that matters. Tommy gives the badge back. Chuckie then promises his friends he'll be a good safety officer, which the twins misinterpret and they tell him not to, but Chuckie explains that being a good safety officer includes not being so uptight. Tommy and the twins play tag, and Chuckie blows his whistle randomly for a joke, then does it again.


  • Angelica says that driving is for grown up people who have bigger brains and don't wet their pants. Chuckie replies "I don't wet my pants hardly ever". He doesn't hardly ever but times when he has include "Accidents Happen" (he wets the bed) and "Chuckie vs. The Potty" (he has an accident on the floor once)
  • Officer Dan's rhymes include "Walk, don't run. Ouchies aren't fun,", "Stay alert. Don't get hurt.", "Hands on the wheel. Peddling light. This little girl is riding just right.", "When crossing the street, stop, look and listen before moving your feet.", "Never pet a dog that's strange to you. That'd be a dangerous thing to do."(which Chuckie quotes Never pet a dog that's strange to you or you might get something on your shoe), and "Stay alert. Don't get hurt."
  • Phil likes the handcuffs.
  • Didi is the only parent to appear in this episode.
  • In this episode, Chuckie wants to be a safety officer. Coincidentally, in the All Grown Up! episode "Izzy or Isn't He?", he hopes to be the school's Safety Commissioner.
  • Moral: Safety rules are very important to remember.

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How Many Times Did Dil Pickles Cry? - Part 4 - Officer Chuckie