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Season 6 Episode 3b
No Naps
Original Airdate February 6, 1999
DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode Raising Dil
Next Episode Man of the House

No Naps is a Season 6 episode of the show Rugrats.

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As a challenge to see whether the Rugrats are "grown-up", Angelica entices the Rugrats not to sleep during naptime, then uses various tactics to get them to fall asleep. The winner gets to play with Stu's newest invention, the "Magical Merry Music Ball"


When Angelica tells Tommy that only "growed-up" kids can play with her brand new Magical Music Ball of Enchantment, he asks her how he can prove that he is "growed-up" enough. She offers him the challenge of being able to stay up through his "Nap Time", which might be difficult for Tommy since he's been kept awake all night by Dil's crying. - Description from Klasky Csupo.

The babies are in the playpen, Tommy is tired because he didn't get enough sleep. Angelica shows up with a music toy and tells them it is only for "growed up" people and to be "growed up" they have to drink through a cup without a sippy top and stay up through nap time. They manage to drink through the cup despite spilling quite a bit but Angelica wants to make them fall asleep. Meanwhile Stu and Didi are trying to make Dil go to sleep and think that a special type of baby food will help. Angelica leads Philip to the kitchen and has him eat the sleeping food and he falls asleep. Lillian cries because they didn't go to sleep together and falls asleep. Then she coaxes Chuckie to sleep with the moblie, she tries to get Tommy to sleep by yawning then they both go to sleep, then they all wake up except Angelica and Drew thinks the music box put her to sleep.


  • It's scientifically proven that yawns are contagious.
  • Other episodes where charcters are seen sleeping are Accidents Happen (Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Stu, Didi and Dil) Grandpa's Bad Bug (Grandpa Lou), In the Dreamtime (all babies), Sweet Dreams (Chuckie and Chas), Let There be Light (all babies), Chuckie vs The Potty (Stu, Didi and Chuckie), What the Big People Do (Chuckie), The Incredible Shrinking Babies (Tommy, Chuckie and Dil), Angelica's Worst Nightmare (Angelica), Slumber Party (Tommy and Angelica), Potty Training Spike (Spike), Weaning Tommy (Tommy), Angelica For A Day (Angelica and Chuckie), The Odd Couple (Tommy and Chuckie), Under Chuckie's Bed (Chuckie and Tommy) Angelica Nose Best (Angelica), Babysitting Fluffy (Fluffy), Spike the Wonder-Dog (Spike), Man of the House (everybody), Ghost Story (Tommy, Chuckie, Dil, Phil and Lil), Inside Story (Chuckie) and Planting Dil (all babies).


Tommy: Just as I suspended...Moist peas!


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