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Season 3 Episode 24b
No More Cookies title.png
No More Cookies
Original Airdate May 15, 1994
VHS release A Rugrats Passover
DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode I Remember Melville
Next Episode Cradle Attraction

"No More Cookies" is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

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After getting sick as a result of eating too many cookies, Angelica swears off them. But will she keep clear of cookie temptation for long? - Description from Klasky Csupo.


The babies are hanging out at Angelica's house, and they see Angelica eat an entire jar's worth of cookies. When Angelica decides to show the babies how one of her toys works, she gets a really bad stomachache and passes out. Her parents call the doctor, and he says that Angelica should feel better in a day or so. After her parents and the doctor leave, Angelica calls the babies to her bedside, and she makes them promise to never let her eat cookies again no matter how much she begs, pleads, or threatens the babies. At first they're a little hesitant, one of their reasons being that cookies are Angelica's favorite food, but they ultimately agree.

The next day, however, when Angelica goes over to Tommy's house, she smells a batch of chocolate chip cookies that Didi made, and goes to get some. When the babies prevent Angelica from getting any cookies, Tommy reminds Angelica that she made them promise the day before to never let her have cookies again, which Angelica admits that she had forgotten. Tommy hides the cookies while the other babies watch Angelica so she doesn't see where he hides them. While Angelica and the babies are drawing in the playpen, Angelica leaves to go "check on the babies," but then the actual babies realize that they're in the playpen.

It turns out that Angelica was looking for the cookies, which Tommy had hid in his toy chest. Tommy manages to take the cookies before Angelica can eat any, and hides them in a different place. Angelica later offers to play hide and seek with the babies (the twins hide under Tommy's crib, Chuckie hides under a blanket and Tommy hides behind a teddy bear). However, Angelica uses this as a ploy to look for where Tommy hid the jar of cookies. After trying but failing to find the cookies, Angelica goes back to Tommy's room, where she reveals that she knew where the babies were hiding the entire time and that she trying to look for the cookies.

When Tommy points out that Angelica's not supposed to have any more cookies, Angelica admits that she realizes this but feels she can't live without them as they mean so much to her. She then reminisces about some of her best times involving cookies:

The first time Angelica ever saw a cookie, apparently, was right after she was first born, when she saw her Aunt Didi holding a cookie in her hand. Angelica tried reaching for it, but Didi told Angelica that she was too young to eat a cookie, which broke Angelica's heart.
The first time Angelica ate a cookie was when she was in a stroller with either her mom or dad ( possibly her dad, the face is never shown) and she stole a cookie from another baby who had a cookie in his hand.
When Angelica first learned how to walk, she got motivated by seeing her mom set down a plate of chocolate cookies on the living room coffee table, and her first word was "cookie." She also remembers the time when she tried sharing some chocolate chip cookies with her ragdoll.
Two experiences she had with cookies at her current age are one time when she tore open a bag of groceries and ate an entire bag of oatmeal cookies and once at Christmas when she ate the head off of a gingerbread man but put the cookie back where she found it.

After this, Angelica tries getting Tommy to tell her where he hid the cookies. Tommy hesitates at first, but the others say that he probably shouldn't tell her--although Chuckie accidentally reveals that Tommy hid the cookies under Grandpa Lou's bed. Angelica finds the cookies, and the babies chase after her and try to get the cookies back.

Eventually, Angelica runs into the laundry room and trips on a basket of dirty clothes, which makes her let go of the cookie jar, and they fly into a tub of soapy water. Chuckie and Tommy point out that Angelica can't eat the cookies now, since they're all wet and soapy, but she jumps in the tub and eats them anyway (even the twins get grossed out by Angelica eating the cookies) saying that she doesn't care if they're wet and soapy..

However, Angelica gets sick from eating the soapy cookies, and angrily yells at the babies to never ever let her have cookies again, just before burping out some soap bubbles as the episode ends.


  • The plot is similar to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "The Paper" when Squidward says no matter how much he begs/pleads/cries that SpongeBob shouldn't give him the paper. Angelica and Tommy do the same thing here.
  • Lou never wakes up when Angelica was looking for the cookies on the couch he was sleeping on.
  • Angelica's doctor was voiced by Tony Jay who had previously voiced Dr. Lipschitz.
  • This episode reveals that Jonathan has been Charlotte's assistant before Angelica was born.
    • Also, Charlotte was already talking to Jonathan over the phone shortly after Angelica was born, telling him about the baby, and Charlotte even briefly forgot what she and Drew had named her until Drew reminded her that they had decided on the name "Angelica."



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