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No License to Drive Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 6a
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No License to Drive
Original Airdate October 7th, 2021 (streaming release)
Previous Episode The Two Angelicas
Next Episode I Dream of Duffy

"No License to Drive" is the first segment of the sixth episode of the first season of the 2021 series of Rugrats. It premiered on Paramount+ on October 7th, 2021.[1]

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Angelica needs the babies' help adjusting to life without her Cynthia car when her car privileges are taken away. - Description from Paramount+


Drew is lowering Angelica's Cynthia car from the trunk of his own car. She pleads with him to be careful and then points out a smudge, asking what it is. He wipes it off, telling her to remember that what you drive isn't who you are. She says she knows he didn't mean it and gets in the car, asking for the keys. He hands them over and she chuckles, then drives off. He opens a gate for her, telling her to be safe.

The Rugrats babies are inside, Tommy congratulating them all having built their own city of toy bricks. Angelica bursts in, knocking it over with the car. Didi tells her to slow down in the house. "Okay, Aunt Didi!" she agrees, but then goes right back to talking on her toy phone and driving like crazy. She very nearly runs over Chuckie, telling him to watch where she's driving. Didi shows up again, telling her she needs to be much more careful and that it's not safe for her to talk on her phone while she drives. She tosses the phone away. Spike catches it and then she immediately backs into some blocks. Afterwards, Stu and Didi tell Angelica that they're taking away her car for the time being. She shouts that they can't, that she's calling her mommy and daddy and lawyer. Didi replies that they already talked about it with them and all agreed that she needs to learn to be a safer driver. They make her hand over the keys. She bawls and whines to Lou that they're taking the car away. Lou says it's not fair, but Didi reminds him that he has a class to go to and says that she has a live-streaming vlog of her own.

Stu takes the car outside and Tommy apologizes to Angelica about her car being taken away. Angelica grumbles that it's not fair, that she could have been given a warning, or lots of warnings. She says the worst thing is that if it could happen to her, it could happen to them. Susie asks just what she's talking about and Angelica replies that she should know, that the bigger you get, the more grown-ups take things. Susie recalls a time that grown-ups took away a giant lollipop from her and she had only licked half of it. Angelica screams as she watches her car being chained up outside. Stu and Didi begin the livestream, with Betty coming and joining in. Back in the living room, Angelica tells her doll Cynthia that they can do this, that they'll just learn to walk places again. Tommy tells her it's not so bad, and that you can always crawl also. Phil and Lil agree that they don't have cars, and they're happy. Chuckie says she's just like them and this shocks her. She says she can't go backwards. She pouts and Susie declares that she never thought she'd say this, but they're going to help her.

They head outside, where Susie has Angelica try out a Reptar-wagon toy car. Angelica says it's almost a car and can't be that bad, but given that the babies are having to push it, it isn't going fast at all. She gets out, asking Susie how she would feel if the grown-ups had given her a different lollipop that didn't taste as good but she got a chance to see her old one again. Susie agrees she'd take that chance and Angelica explains she just wants to see her real car one more time. Susie agrees just looking is allowed and agrees Angelica can touch in it too. "And I can sit in it?" asks Angelica, doing so, but Susie says that maybe this isn't a good idea. Angelica then grabs the keys, saying they were just sitting there waiting for her. She turns the ignition and she's off, with Susie inside too. "Not like this!" Susie shouts, saying that they might take the car away again for good. Angelica says to let them try. She drives into Chuckie's yard, saying it's wide open spaces. Susie shouts that they could drive there all day and never go back. Angelica stops, telling her to get real, that they have to eat and such. Susie points out that if she does go back, the grown-ups will take away the car again.

Angelica says they'll go back to Tommy's to get some food, then hit the road. Chuckie, seeing her crazy driving, asks how it is that he's getting carsick when she's the one driving. As the livestream ends, Angelica and Susie end up driving into the rope barrier that was supposed to hold the car and get stuck. She shouts as much to Didi, who states that it's a good time for her to learn an organic lesson about the consequences of her actions. Angelica asks what that means. "You're stuck," Didi points out. Susie suggests to Angelica that the grown-ups might let her drive again if she could prove she can drive safer and slower. Angelica shouts this idea at the adults, who seem willing. They have her navigate a safety course and Didi says she can have the car back. She hops back in, chuckling to herself and Cynthia that she did learn her lesson: "Never let 'em catch me." She takes off, pretending to talk on the phone, and promptly knocks a potted plant onto the car, getting dirt all over it.