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Nicole Boscarelli
Also Known As Nicki
Gender Female
Birth Date 1989
Age 12
Race Human
Occupation School student
Relatives Unknown parants
Friends Chuckie Finster (possible love interest)

Tommy Pickles

Voice Actor Lizzie Murray
First Appearance Tweenage Tycoons (All Grown Up) (Season 1) (2003)
Last Appearance Fools Rush In (All Grown Up) (Season 2) (2004) (Cameo)
Memoirs of a Finster (All Grown Up) (Season 2) (2004) (Mentioned)

Nicole Boscarelli is a character from All Grown Up! and a close friend of Chuckie's. She is also Chuckie's crush, although she is not ever shown to be aware of his affections towards her, nor to have been made aware of this, so it's most likely that she only sees him as a friend.

Although it is slightly hinted at the end of It's Cupid, Stupid that she may have a similar affection towards him. She debuted in Tweenage Tycoons.


Nicole Boscerelli is Chuckie's new love interest. She is smart and funny, and although Chuckie goes through a lot to find this out, likes him for who he is and not what he pretends to be. Nicole is somewhat gullible, at first believing that Chuckie is actually Jongo, a foreign exchange student from Latvia that dresses like a wacky disco dancer. As Chuckie tries to sum up the courage to talk to her as himself, Nicole ends up meeting the "real" Chuckie at Java Lava. When Nicole tries to set up a meeting between Jongo and Chuckie, things get kind of complicated. Still, in the end, Nicole proves to be a very open-minded girl with a good sense of humor. - Klasky Csupo


In her first major appearance in the series, Chuckie's in Love, it is also possible that despite having what Chuckie would describe as a cool personality, she appears to struggle socially, as she tells Chuckie (in his Latvian Alias known as "Chongo") that an entire group of girls faked respect towards her in order to make a fool out of her. Her open disdain for people who don't be themselves almost results her friendship with Chuckie to be abolished.

She is shown later in It's Cupid, Stupid, to have gotten over the incident, and Chuckie even mentions that they talk and hang out often. This also may mean that he has been reluctant to tell her how he feels out of his own shyness.