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New Puppy Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 2b
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New Puppy
Original Airdate May 27th, 2021 (streaming release)
Previous Episode Lady De-Clutter
Next Episode Tail of the Dogbot

"New Puppy" is the second segment of the second episode of the first season of the 2021 series of Rugrats. It premiered on Paramount+ on May 27th.

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When Tommy's parents bring home a foster puppy, Tommy must find a way to keep Spike from being replaced. - Description from Paramount+


Stu, Didi, Betty and the Rugrats babies minus Susie are attending an adoption fair for puppies. Stu finds himself particularly taken with a certain puppy, saying that the dog reminds him of the puppy he got in first grade, Mookie. Didi warns him not to get attached, that they already have a dog, Spike. Betty suggests that they could foster the puppy until the rescue group is able to find him a permanent home. Didi suggests that they make a list of pros and cons, but Stu states that there are no cons, letting the puppy lick Tommy.

Back at home, Didi references a canine psychic blog she's reading on her phone which states that they should introduce the puppy to Spike slowly in order to establish boundaries. Stu, however, once again overrides this, but Stu once again overrides this by setting Foster down right in front of Spike, quipping that they're a "pair o' perros." Just then Lucy arrives, so they step away. Tommy then tells Spike that the puppy's name is Foster. Foster runs around playfully, but Spike whimpers and walks away.

Lucy says that she can't stay, simply dropping off Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Susie. Tommy introduces them to Foster and Chuckie asks if he'll be Spike's best friend. Tommy replies that two is funner than one, but Lil crosses her arms, saying that it doesn't always work this way and she's still getting used to Phil. Susie suggests that they help Spike get used to Foster and while Tommy briefly gives Foster a belly rub, the babies soon start doting on Foster, leaving Spike out of the fun.

That evening, Tommy cries out in his sleep. Didi and Stu come in to check on him, with Stu still cuddling Foster, feeding him milk out of a bottle. Didi tells Tommy that Daddy forgot they only have room for one doggie in the house. She and Spike try to sooth Tommy, but that morning he tells Chuckie, Phil and Lil that he had a bad dream that Foster was in charge of the whole house and Didi, Stu and Lou did whatever he wanted. He then woke up and went to his parents' bedroom, only to find Foster sleeping right there on the bed. He tells them he now understands the way Spike felt when Foster got belly rubs and he didn't. He tells them that Foster is now the "one doggie," that his parents picked Foster.

Before they can continue their discussion, Angelica shows up, complaining that things aren't working for her, that Foster drooled all over Cynthia. She tells them that if he keeps doing bad stuff, Tommy's parents are going to take him back to the puppy store. Tommy says that this is it, that they have to make it look like Foster is doing bad stuff and they'll pick Spike instead. They thus begin their plan, with Chuckie urinating on the kitchen floor and placing Foster atop the puddle. Stu steps in the puddle and gets upset, but upon seeing Foster his anger melts and he says it's his own fault for not taking the puppy on enough walks. The babies then spread out Didi's balls of yarns from her "she-shed," again framing Foster, but Didi like Stu blames herself, saying that she shouldn't have left it out and there was no way he could resist baby yak yarn. She says she'll knit the dog baby yak yarn booties. They then steal a set of cookies made by Lou, placing one in Foster's mouth, but Stu simply compliments the puppy's "incredible palate."

Thoroughly foiled, the babies go to Angelica, who teases them for not even being good at being bad. She agrees to help them, saying that she doesn't like anything that thinks it's cuter than her and that Spike does let Cynthia ride him when her racehorse is tired. She nevertheless asks what's in it for her and Phil presents one of Lou's cookies, saying there's a lot more where it came from. Angelica then goes Lou, asking him to write down a "poem," which is actually a letter to Didi from Foster saying that he's run away. Lou, distracted by a television show, calls it "free verse," saying that he digs it. Angelica stamps the letter with Foster's pawprint. They open the gates, sending Foster away, only to be shocked when Susie comes through the gates holding Foster, declaring "Look who I founded." They scream "No!" but before they can react further, Stu, Didi, Lou and Randy appear. Stu, steeling himself, tells the babies that it's time to say goodbye to the puppy, that he's going to be living at Susie's house. Tommy then hugs Spike, calling him his "onliest doggie ever" and Foster yips happily, running circles around Susie.