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New Kid In Town Gallery Transcript
Season 3 Episode 22a
Rugrats - New Kid In Town
New Kid In Town
Original Airdate April 10, 1994
DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode The Mega Diaper Babies
Next Episode Pickles vs. Pickles

"New Kid In Town" is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

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Tired of Angelica's bullying, the Rugrats go play with another kid in the park, Josh. When Josh turns out to be an even worse bully, Angelica shows up to rescue the babies from him. - Description from Klasky Csupo


Tired of Angelica being harmful to them all the time, the Rugrats find Josh, a new friend, to play. Angelica threatens to put sands on their head, but Tommy said they are tired of her bossing them around, and they go to Josh. It started okay, but it turns out, however, that he is meaner than Angelica because he forces them to push him on the swing, takes their cookies, lollipop shares with four-player lollipop to lick, and threatens to hit them.

Soon the babies are forced to build a moat for Josh. Tired of this, Tommy decides to go to Angelica, but Chuckie warns him about Josh, but Tommy doesn't care cause if they don't do something now, they will be stuck with Josh forever. He secretly goes to Angelica and tells her that Josh is worse than her and how he treats them. Angelica is shocked by this, but refuse to help them because they didn't listen to her. Tommy sadly went back to the other playground, and Josh finds out what Tommy did.

Soon he decides to play a game called "Pillow," where he pushes them down on the sand and goes to the swing.  Tommy asks if Josh is going to jump over them, but Josh said he's not, but he's going to jump on them. Before he can do that, Angelica eventually steps in and launches a water balloon at Josh with her catapult in her wagon, and the babies are happy that she's back and told them to get up. But Josh orders them back down, saying the babies are now his, but Angelica said they are not and launches another water balloon at him. Soon Josh tried to convince her that the babies are just dumb, but Angelica said that might be true, but they are her babies, and Josh said he's not afraid of her, but Angelica launches another water balloon at him. Josh said that he would split the babies 50-50 like Angelica would get Chuckie and Tommy, and Josh would take Phil and Lil, but Angelica refuses to say she won't leave until she gets all the babies and then she pushes Josh causing him to scrape his arm. Josh runs away, crying, and everything is back to normal. As punishment for leaving her, she makes them dig through the sand like she was making them do at the beginning, but they don't mind it because it's better than being with Josh at least.



  • The voice of Josh is provided by Dana Hill, known for her voices as Charles on Duckman, Max in Troop/ Goof Troop, and Jerry in Tom & Jerry, The Movie, among other roles. In previous episodes of Rugrats, Hill voiced Hector (The Shot), "The Cleaver Kid" (Momma Trauma), Little Kid (Momma Trauma & Special Delivery) & Billy (Spike the Wonder Dog). In live-action roles, she was best known as Audrey Grizwold in National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985). Unfortunately, Dana Hill died of a stroke brought on by her severe diabetic condition on July 15, 1996, while at the age of 32. 
  • Josh could have actually killed the babies if he had jumped on them with the game of "pillow" since he's older and chubbier and heavier than them.
  • Angelica did the right thing by coming to Tommy’s side and saving his life it may be clear that Angelica could’ve seen Josh’s deadly act of “Pillow “ from her side of the park.
  • An older kid performing such an action on the swings by jumping on an infant or a toddler can be fatal.
  • This is one of the few times Angelica shows compassion for the babies by protecting them from Josh.
  • There are two morals in this episode.
    • Don’t take ‘nice’ orders from strangers or false acquaintances; that can lead to dangerous or deadly consequences like child abduction.
    • No matter if it is inadvertently; dangerous actions on the playground can be fatal to babies and children!
  • This episode teaches kids what to do and what not to do when they encounter strangers and dangerous people

Educated Lessons

  • Here are the following things you should not do if strangers are around.
    1. Don’t talk to strangers - even if a stranger acts nice and kind to you. Don’t talk to someone you don’t know if you can; try to ignore the stranger by walking away and tell a parent or guardian.
    2. Don’t follow orders from strangers. Following orders from strangers can make you an easy target for kidnapping and molestation.
    3. Never take things from strangers. If you are at the park and you see a stranger being kind and wants to offer you some candy or a toy or coloring books don’t fall for it! That is how dangerous people use those nice things as a lure or bait for a child making them an easy target for them to abduct them and do further harm to that child.
    4. Don’t get into a car with a stranger. Strangers can offer you a ride and can take you to a secret area where they can kidnap or even kill you.
    5. Don’t let strangers in your home especially with your kids. If you hear someone knock on your door and you slightly open it and a stranger asks and even begs for you to let them in your home no matter how nice he acts; don’t let them in! Because that may lead into that stranger taking you hostage or worse.
    6. If a child wants to pretend to be friendly but you feel that they are dangerous and would inflict harm to you, Don’t play with them; ignore their order. This is the most dangerous situation that a child faces when strangers send their own children to the park and have them use the term ‘child lure’ when their own children asks your child if they want to hang out with them and play with them. If your child complies it will do more harm than good. Because more than likely that stranger will stalk your child like a lion stalking their prey; making your child an easy target for that stranger to come and take them away to molest them or kill them.
    7. Don’t fall for the strangers’ cute animals. A stranger may be seen from kids having an adorable dog or a cat with them to use as bait for a child to come pet their dog or cat making your child an easy target for molestation.
  • Here are the following things you should do if strangers are around.
    1. Tell a responsible adult like a parent or guardian if you ran into a stranger.
    2. If you are at home alone and someone knocks on the door and you don’t know them; don’t let them in! If the worst were to come and he tries to get in your home himself by breaking in; call the police right away.
    3. Be aware for false people strangers can impersonate and pretend they are the people who you trust like police officers or paramedics or even firefighters.
    4. Ignore false advertisements. Strangers and criminals can also follow you online on your computers tablets or smartphones and they will steal your identity known as identity theft. They will also come up with false advertisements known as scams making it easier for them to track your location.
    5. If you suspect that a child is being treated abusively by an adult; don’t be afraid to speak up and stop them from causing harm to that child you’re more than likely will save that child’s life.

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Tommy Pickles Learns About Being "Fair" Rugrats NickSplat

Tommy Pickles Learns About Being "Fair" Rugrats NickSplat

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