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Mylène Gautier, said Mylène Farmer, was born on September 12, 1961 in Pierrefonds ( Montreal , Quebec ) is a singer-songwriter, producer and actress French,

Since 1984, she is the singer who sells the most records in France, and also enjoyed considerable success in Francophone countries and in Eastern Europe, over 30 million records sold.

Record holder in the number of diamond discs , it is also the artist who ranked the most titles in the 1st place of the Top 50 (15, no other artist has managed to classify in addition to 6) and in the Top 10 (47 titles).

Rarely appear in the media and refusing to communicate her private life, she built with Laurent Boutonnat a singular musical world, especially through his music and his concerts spectacular, as well as through his texts filled of double meaning , of alliterations and literary and artistic references .

Mylène Farmer is ranked first among French singers the best paid in 2013, with 4.7 million of income.


His father, Max Gautier (March 1925 - July 11, 1986), civil engineer roads, was transferred to Canada to work on the construction of the dam of the Manicouagan , taking with him his mother Jeanne, his wife Marguerite (1928 - July 2016 , administrative secretary before becoming a mother at home), and Brigitte children (born May 5, 1959) and Jean-Loup (born April 13, 1960 and died October 27, 1996 in a car accident) , . September 12, 1961 was born the third child of the family, Mylène, who thus passes his first 8 years in Quebec , which it will remember snowy landscapes .

In 1969 the family returned to live in France and moved to Ville d'Avray in the Paris suburbs, where is born the last child, Michel (born 30 December 1969). Lonely teenager to look "tomboy", the young Mylène spends his holidays in Brittany home of his mother (his father was born in Marseille ) she likes the rugged landscapes . At that time, she plans to become instructor of riding , and frequently travels to the bedside of hospitalized sick children, especially with young patients quadriplegic 's Hospital in Garches - an activity that continues today.

Just two days after school starts in Terminal A4, she slams the door of the high school and moved to Paris. She is training theater at the Cours Florent in order to become an actress, and connects various odd jobs, including in the modeling for catalogs or advertisements.

Beginnings and early success

Mylène Farmer made ​​his debut in the song in 1984, following a hearing held by a young songwriter, Laurent Boutonnat, eager to find an interpreter for his song Mama harm . She chose her stage name in homage to Frances Farmer, an American actress of the 1930s the doom. After suffering multiple refusal of record companies for a year, the singer signed to RCA and with the help of his young manager Bertrand Le Page, the song gradually becomes one of the successes of the summer 1984 with over 100,000 copies sold.

After a second 45 laps which appears early in 1985, we're all fools, and that does not win the expected success, RCA does not renew the contract which binds it to the singer. She then signed with Polydor which publishes the end of 1985 his third single, more grow , the success of which, although higher than the previous title, remains limited. His first album, Moon Ashes, appeared in 1986, buoyed by Title Libertine. It is on this occasion that Mylène Farmer adopts hair red, a color that will distinguish it from other singers. Sexy, supported by a music video inspired by the film Barry Lyndon in which she appears naked, scandal and brings a great popularity: it enters for the first time in the Top 50, Libertine remain classified y 6 months.

Birth of a muse

Beginning in 1987, appears the single Tristana, who also was a great success and will be included in the new edition of his first album. Therefore, the singer will write itself the texts of his songs. Mylène Farmer is now becoming a major figure of the French musical landscape, and each of its new music manages to create the event (that of Tristana will also nominated for a Grammy).

At the end of that year, the title appears Without counterfeit , reaching second place in the Top 50 and announced the album Amen I ... Released in spring. 1988 , the album met with considerable success: No. 1 sales, he became the first diamond disc given to a singer and flows 1.8 million copies , thanks to singles No infringement , so be ... I , without logic , especially Provided that they are soft , which was noted for its music video almost 18 minutes and became her first No. 1 single (it flows out to 100 000 copies per week) . Mylène Farmer then being rewarded with a Victoire de la Musique in as "Artist of the Year" and the Guinness Book of Records gives him an entire page to highlight these exceptional results . It is also this album that allows the singer to know some success outside France (as in Germany , the Benelux or in Russia ).

In May 1989, Mylène Farmer began his first tour, Tower 89 , in which it has an "American show" choreographed (concept previously little used by French artists), in a setting reminiscent of a cemetery, inspired by the monument Stonehenge. After a week at the Sports Palace and thirty dates in the provinces, it unveils a new song, What I use ... and ends his tour with two nights sold out at Bercy ; it will be immortalized on the album in concert , the video will get the award for Best European musical video in 1990.


Beginning in 1991, the single Désenchantée initiates return of the singer after a year's absence: this title becomes his biggest hit in France (most played song in 1991, more than 1.3 million copies sold) but also abroad (No. 1 in Belgium , No. 3 in the Netherlands , No. 16 in Austria ...). The album, titled The Other ... also a huge success: Ranked No. 1 in France for 20 weeks, it remains the best selling album of the singer with more than two million copies. Subsequent singles, Regrets (duet with Jean-Louis Murat ), I love you melancholy and Beyond My Control, also reached the summits of the Top 50, and Mylène Farmer gets the title of "Best French Artist 1992" the World Music Awards.

It was at this time that a tragedy occurs in the premises of his record, when a fan obsessed with the singer kills a shot receptionist Polydor , because he refused to give him the address of his idol. Mylène Farmer takes so much vis-à-vis distance from his public persona, becoming increasingly discreet in the media .

End 1992, the title seems That my heart loose , the clip is directed by Luc Besson , announcing the compilation of remixes Dance Remixes (new concept for a French artist) who will be awarded a double gold.


In 1994, Laurent Boutonnat directed his second feature film , Georgie , in which Mylène Farmer starred with Jeff Dahlgren. The film, often considered as a "long clip" by critics (it lasts more than 3 hours), was a commercial failure, amounting to less than 70 000 entries in France for a budget of € 12 million. Having bought the rights to prevent television broadcasting and commercial operations, the director eventually accept 13 years after its release, a DVD edition.


After a media break conducive to exile California , she returned in 1995 with Anamorphosée , an album recorded in Los Angeles and decked sounds more rock and electric, for which the singer takes a more light and feminine image. The style change is risky, but titles like XXL, L'Instant X , California , Because I hurt and Dreaming make this album a success that exceeds one million sales. Hailed by critics, Anamorphosée is in the career of Mylène Farmer, in the words of the World, a "bracket style". It is the most exported French album of the year 1996.

That same year, Mylène Farmer presents his second tour, the 1996 Tour , an American show with choreography, giant screens and pyrotechnics. The resulting CD of the tour, Live at Bercy remains since its publication in 1997 the Live album most sold in France.


Released in 1999 , the album Innamoramento marks a return to musical atmospheres of his first albums in a more simple and romantic style . For the first time, in addition to writing all the texts as usual, the singer made herself almost half of music. Certified Diamond Award for exceeding the million sales, the album won several NRJ Music Awards , M6 awards, and most singles extracts ( L'Âme-Stram-Gram , I'll return your love , Remember the day ... , Optimistic me , Innamoramento ) are also certified Silver Discs.

The tour supporting that album, the Mylenium Tour , knows a great success and dates are added to almost be doubled for each city including 3 dates in Russia in rooms 30 000 places. This series of concerts, the stage is dominated by a statue of Isis measuring over 9 meters high, dedicated the scenic popularity of the singer with the French public.


In November 2001 released his first Best of, The Words , bringing together all the singles of his career and unpublished 3: The Words (in duet with Seal ) It's a beautiful day, which will both gold discs, and Forgive me . Best selling of the year in 2001 and 2002, this remains the compilation Best of the most sold in France, with more than 1.6 million copies sold in the Hexagon.

It was during the video shoot this is a great day (consisting of illustrations by Mylène Farmer herself) she meets in 2002 the director and producer Benoît Di Sabatino , who became his companion from.

In 2003, published her first book, Lisa-Loup and the narrator , a philosophical story illustrated by the singer.

Before the shadow ...

After receiving the Victory of the music of the "Female Artist of the last 20 years," Mylène Farmer breaks in February 2005 his media silence with the single Fuck Them All, prelude to the release of Before the shadow ... , a more acoustic album than previous ones. Despite the record crisis and reduced promotional, the album reached 800,000 copies, and confirms the success of the singer abroad, especially in countries in East and in Russia, where Love is ... nothing was the biggest hit of 2006.

A series of 13 concerts is given at Bercy in January 2006 , Bringing together 170,000 spectators. The impressive infrastructure of the show being intransportable (a water curtain, a replica of the doors of the Baptistery , a glass box, two scenes - including one shaped plant Maltese cross - connected by a removable bridge .. .), the show has been presented by province. The video of the show has become in a few months the DVD sellers from France concert .

In September 2006, Mylène Farmer saves Slipping Away / (Shouting life) in duet with Moby , who earned a gold record and became his 4th single No. 1. Soon after, she lends her voice to the animated film of Luc Besson, Arthur and the Invisibles, in which she plays Princess Selenia, and also provide dubbing for the following two components, Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard (2009) and Arthur and the War of two worlds (2010).


The single Degeneration , announcing the album Electro Stitches , is available on 19 June 2008 . In just three days, he became the biggest selling weekly downloads in France . In late August, when it was released commercially Degeneration also records the best weekly score of the year and ranks No. 1 in sales, as the following four singles, Call my number , If I had to less ... , it's in the air and Sextonik , allowing the singer to be the artist who ranked the most titles in the 1st place of the Top 50 .

Since its release the 25 August 2008, The album suture Point knows a great success in France, where he was certified Triple Platinum Disc (over 700,000 sales), but also in Belgium (Disc Platinum), in Switzerland (gold record), and in Russia (double disc Platinum).

For the first time in his career, Mylène Farmer gives two concerts at the Stade de France the September 11 and 12, 2009, Becoming the first French singer to perform in such a place. The sale of tickets for September 12 causes such crowds it causes a bug on all booking sites . The show displays complete within 2 h , the date of September 11 is added and displayed in full revolution in 1 h 15. Surrounded by two skinned 20 m and 700 m 2 of giant screens , the singer will build the largest indoor stage ever in Europe.

A tour is also presented in different stadiums and Zéniths province in spring 2009, until Russia. A year before the start of the tour, it's a new record in France: more than 100,000 tickets sold in one day. Finally, more than 630,000 spectators cheered the singer.

The live album from the tour, Nº 5 on Tour, quickly becomes double platinum, and the DVD Stade de France is meanwhile Certified Diamond DVD in one week.

Blue black

The 29 September 2010 Is broadcast in radio Yes ... no , 1 from the album Black Blue . If the text is always signed by the singer, the single was produced and written by RedOne , famous for his collaborations with Lady Gaga . Upon its release, Yes ... but not ranked No. 1 directly , as the following 2 singles, black Blue and Lonely Lisa .

Released on 6 December 2010 The album Black Blue has 12 tracks written and produced by Mylène Farmer, RedOne, Moby and Archive , marking a significant change: in fact, this is the first time that the singer does not collaborate with Laurent Boutonnat on one of its albums. Since its release, the disc becomes the biggest sales ever recorded in France downloads but also the best start of 2010 in physical media . It is certified Diamond disc in just 3 months.

In July 2011, it closed the fashion show of Jean-Paul Gaultier in a black wedding dress, inspired by the film Black Swan.


The 3 December 2012 Seems Monkey Me , an album signed Farmer / Boutonnat which marks a homecoming. With nearly 150,000 sales in France in one week, the album gets the best start of 2012 and the singer beat his own records since the album was certified Diamond disc in less than a month. 1 single, In the Shadow, ranks him as No. 1 in sales.

Tour, Timeless in 2013 , is scheduled for autumn 2013 , through France (including 10 dates at Bercy), Belgium, Switzerland, Russia and Belarus . This return marks a new record for Mylène Farmer since, with almost 200,000 tickets sold in a day, most of the rooms are complete, forcing production to add, twice, several additional dates , . Surrounded including robots dancers, the singer shows a still impressive futuristic spectacle, in which she wants to "humanizing technology" .

Having collected almost 600 000 spectators, the concert Timeless 2013 is broadcast in more than 200 theaters March 27, 2014 for a single session that brings together more than 100 000 people. A month later, the film is in Canada , in Latvia and Russia in more than 130 cinemas. The DVD of the show No. 1 in sales during 21 weeks , is certified Triple Diamond DVD.


The album Interstellar , released 6 November 2015 Is announced by Title Stolen Car , a duet with Sting and produced by The Avener . Since its release on 28 August, the single ranks No. 1 in sales .

Laurent Boutonnat is not the appropriations in this new disc , the compositions being this time signed Mylène Farmer and Martin Kierszenbaum . Hailed by critics , , , this album with pop-rock tones, qualified aerial and modern, is presented as "a bright big bang" in the world of singer. Triple platinum in France, Interstellar also enjoys international output, ranking in the Top 10 in 16 countries, and allows Mylène Farmer to make a televised guest appearance in the United States (in issuance of Jimmy Fallon ), where the title Stolen Car reached the top of the Billboard Dance Club.

The second single, City of Love , has a clip inspired by some works of Alfred Hitchcock and Tim Burton, directed by Pascal Laugier . It is with this same director that the singer is set to make his return to the big screen in the horror film Incident in a Ghost Land, whose shoot is scheduled for summer 2016.

Farmer style

The singer is working from the start with Laurent Boutonnat , who composed his music and made ​​his first clips. The texts writes Mylène Farmer are imbued with recurring themes like sex, death, religion, love, and often contain references to certain writers such as Charles Baudelaire , Edgar Allan Poe , Luc Dietrich , Francesco Alberoni , Oscar Wilde , Virginia Woolf or Primo Levi , but also painters like Egon Schiele . His music usually has a tone pop , sometimes accentuated rhythms more dance / electro or rock .

His first clips are real shorts ( Provided they are sweet lasts about 18 minutes). Made by Boutonnat, Luc Besson ( Let my heart loose ), Abel Ferrara ( California ) or Ching Siu-tung ( L'Âme-Stram-Gram ), these videos have contributed to the success of the singer. However, it is happened twice that TV censor one of its clips to content deemed too explicit: Beyond My Control and I'll return your love . The latter, private broadcast in its entirety, came later in kiosks in favor of the fight against AIDS .

In recent years, Mylène Farmer has built a character that fans sometimes devote a veritable cult can turn to obsession: in 1991 , a fan kills a shot receptionist Polydor , because he refused to give him the address of his idol. It was at this time that the singer takes the distance vis-à-vis its public character and is more discreet in the media . Far from the world of show business, she then moves over to the forgiveness of prizes awarded by the public, and refuse (with rare exceptions) any social event. Moreover, the singer pays little interviews, saying it has "to say is in [his] songs" , and systematically declines yet other prestigious awards such as the Legion honor , a statue in Grevin museum , its name in the dictionary, etc

Referrals and artistic interests

Artistic sponsorships

In 1994 , Mylène Farmer produced and composed the music of the album Shade: Underbelly of Headmess , a project of Henry Biggs (his English teacher in the United States) mixing rhythms hip-hop and symphonic . The album will never see the day but it will take music from one of the titles, Madeleine, for her song And if age had told me on the album Innamoramento .

In 2000 , Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat decide to produce the singer Alizee , writing his first album, Treats . It is in this disc is the title Moi ... Lolita , which allows the young Corsican becoming very popular worldwide. After several successful ( Alizé , speak softly , delicacies , I'm tired! I'm not twenty!, Going against), his mentors working on the design of its first show in 2003 , just after the release of his second album My Electric Currents ... in two albums, Alizée has sold over 6 million records. It now continues his career without his former producers.

In 2001, she produced the single I'm not a boy Christia Mantzke, a singer discovered by Jeff Dahlgren, then, in 2003, an electro band, Good Sex Valdes , which publishes three singles: I want your wife, You (for which it made ​​the choirs) and Flesh for fantasy.

In 2008, she signed the generic words cartoon Funny Creepie , played by his own niece, Lisa. The title will reach the 6th place in the Top Singles.


In 1992, Mylène Farmer participates in the album Emergency: 27 artists for research against AIDS with the song Last Smiling, she re-recorded for the occasion. This song appeared in its original B-side of the single No logic in 1989.

In 2000, Maverick (the production house Madonna ) asked to participate in the soundtrack of the Rugrats in Paris (showing, among others, Cyndi Lauper and Sinéad O'Connor ) She then wrote for the occasion the title L the story of a fairy is ... .

In January 2007 She played Before Self, end credits of the song from the movie Jacquou Crisp , directed by Laurent Boutonnat .

Mylène Farmer also recorded two duets, published in November 2010: 1 with Ben Harper , Never tear us apart, on a tribute album to the group INXS (album on which she is the only French artist); the 2nd with Line Renaud , This is not the time, signed Farmer / Boutonnat included in Rue Washington, the album of the latter.

Perception of the artist and his musical universe

In the media

From its inception in 1984 , the songs and Mylène Farmer clips often create the controversy . His first titles, which are distinguished by their innovative music and texts atmosphere, are generally viewed positively by the press .

Mylène Farmer evokes in her songs of love, death, the passage of time, often tinged with melancholy . "Part of me lives melancholy, and one also loves laughter and gaiety. Unfortunately, rather the world ready for the melancholic state, where happiness sometimes emerges. " His lyrics often based on symbolism, are subject to debate: if some see a real writing talent, others consider them pseudo-intellectualism .

In recent years, the image of Mylène Farmer in the press gradually developed. The duration of his career and his continued success seem to have given him some credibility, and his work is considered less severe or simply ignored. His discretion is respected, and even welcomed . Some critics formerly newspapers have sometimes become admirers as The World 's Latest shows ( Before the shadow ... At Bercy , Tour 2009 and Timeless 2013 ) were appreciated, while the previous ones were sometimes severely criticized . However, other media, to its systematic denial of interviews, publishing highly critical articles about the singer from 2005 ( Télé Star , Paris Match , France-Soir , magazine Platinum . ..), et certains média la boycottent ( Europe 2 , M6 ...).

The text of the song I love you melancholy addresses this theme and seems to provide an indirect response to criticism of Mylène Farmer: " I like a desire / To see my life away / Every time I am told / It's the weed / and I say: / That a born wild / well worth being estimated / After all she often makes the lunch / Aux "too good" cultivated and knock! [...] In short is this: / To please the jealous / must be ignored. »

In the profession

Not wanting to meddle in the world of show business, Mylène Farmer systematically refuses to move to price discounts granted by the profession since its victory music received in 1988 against the ambient hypocrisy behind the scenes, it will cancel its delivery at the last moment 124 and soon after declared: "I've spent hours behind the scenes to rehearsals for the evening. Simply the best show business was there and these people disgust me. They hate all. I was sad to have been honored and recognized by these people. These are the victories of hypocrisy! » 125

Awarded in 2005 the price of "Female Artist of the last 20 years," the singer, absent, be satisfied with a terse statement to the profession, in which she reminds them that her latest single is called Fuck Them All . Thus, uniquely, she will ask herself not to be named 126 .

However, many artists admit to being admirers. According to Charles Aznavour , "this woman has all gifts» 127 . Michel Polnareff says "love him a lot, professionally and personally (she made ​​remarkable performances, the real production at international level)" 128 , like Michel Sardou ( "it pleases me and touched me. I know how much it invests in its shows, and hat to his respect for the public. it does not play to the economy" ) 129 and Johnny Hallyday , who greets his work and that "it does not touch money when on tour, so his performances cost him dear" 130 . Line Renaud stresses "someone rare, in all senses of the word" 131 , Julien Clerc describes his working "always interesting, with a learned art of staging and a real artistic direction, interesting texts and beautiful music" 132 , while Juliette Greco says: "she is constantly in search. She has a special place, completely original in its silence, the perfection of his work. It was like being a child to face both fierce and gifted " 133 . According to Lara Fabian , "she managed what few artists have managed over the years: to remain itself and innovate every time" 134 . For Jean-Louis Murat , "Mylène and Laurent are the two most estimable people I met. I love and respect very much. These are the most intelligent. In intelligence to Warhol " 135 .

The younger generation often cited in reference, as Nolwenn Leroy ( "She has it all, and has maintained a consistency over the years. Cultivate the paradox of being a huge star but is simple, sensitive, hypersensitive " ) 136 , Julien Doré ( " hyper-rehearsed show, a sound that rips her mother, a huge machine in motion - what is usually seen with foreign artists, not with french " ) 137 , rapper Disiz La Peste ( "I admire the way she has created her image and built his career. It's pretty well where I think Lady Gaga is very fake. It's not refined at all, then that Mylène Farmer made ​​in refinement. she was always at hand, in his corner " ) 138 or Shy'm ( " Like Madonna, she managed to last, crossing eras. They made ​​significant things have dared not stay in the mold " ) 139 .

If it remains little known abroad, many personalities recognize follow his career, like Madonna (who even had to go see Georgie at its output) 140 , Elton John ( "The first time I heard, I was upset. I bear him great admiration. I like his voice, his pain, his way of moving. She's so French! " ) 141 , the band Muse ( " We have been seeing in concert and emerged are totally in shock so the show was beautiful. This woman has huge charisma and ambition to offer huge things. it really is an artist that we love " ) 142 , the writer Salman Rushdie ( " His texts, between melancholy and sensuality, suffering and abandonment, move me his voice, half the world, half the way is amazing;. it is the voice of a fallen angel " ) 143 , Enrique Iglesias ( " J ' love her voice and the way she designed her shows. she is amazing and so creative " ), George Clooney 144 , Luz Casal , Kylie Minogue 145 or Seal ( " she is the pure essence of the Artist " ) 146 .

Icon or strategy of silence

The media discretion Mylène Farmer has sometimes been called by the media marketing strategy to better be desired. The artist actually gives very few interviews and rarely appears on television, explaining that low media presence by its "inner nature" : feeling " more comfortable on stage and television " she admits to being very discrete nature and hate to speak for itself.

Since its inception, it develops its creativity beyond producing music and her singing profession, speaking through areas such as cinema (scripted clips, filmed in 35 mm ), the set design , the writing (with a tale of which she is the author) 151 , the painting and drawing 152 , and more classic singers music pop : the choreography , clothing, design ...

The writer Amélie Nothomb says: " To have rubbed Mylène, I think she cultivates inaccessibility that characterizes it. But I also believe that part escapes. I have noticed that when it is warm, and it can certainly be, we feel still, somewhere, an ice wall. It would seem that there can nothing. Attention away from me the idea of presenting Mylène Farmer as a victim. But this ice wall, no doubt, makes a prisoner of something. "

In 2001, she told about its discretion media: " I did not do this business to be known but to be recognized" .

In January 2015, after the deadly attacks in Paris, she released her "silence" by publishing a drawing via the official accounts of its Polydor label. It again uses the character of Lonely Lisa to show " I'm Charlie."


Mylène Farmer has designed three books. The first, Lisa-Loup and the narrator (2003), is a philosophical tale which she wrote and illustrated pages. The second, Before the shadows ... At Bercy (2006), is a collection of selected photographs, signed Claude Gassian , from the series of the same name concerts. And finally the last out, Fragile (2015) is a book of artistic photographs by Sylvie Lancrenon with the singer playing in clay.

The books being devoted to it were quite limited until the early 2000s , partly because of the trial for damaging the image gained by Mylène Farmer in 1989, instituted against Albin Michel and Patrick Milo, ordering and, a week after his exit, withdrawal of bookstores 1 st book on the singer, entitled Mylène Farmer . Two years later, Mylène Farmer authorizes and participates in its only official biography, so be it , written by Philippe Seguy. In early 2000, almost ten years later, some albums, pictures (with captions or with very little text) appear, followed a few months later by a small biography as ABC. Mylène Farmer and his entourage did not react and sales being at the rendezvous, many writers engage in writing more complete biographies. Therefore, the works devoted to the singer swarm (up to 6 outputs pounds in 2007) and types are numerous. Some are respectful of the work and the artist, even sometimes become boring or superficial, while others, seeking to be sulfur (such as Bernard Violet appeared in 2004), do not hesitate to invent some passages. But unlike the first biography of Patrick Milo, Mylène Farmer only initiate further action.

Unofficial fan clubs

Mylène Farmer said repeatedly refuse to create a website or an official fan club to glory. However, dozens of unofficial fan clubs were created, some being large enough to be able to regularly publish magazines dedicated entirely to the singer and disseminate among newsagents.

In 2008, registered the trademark Mylène Farmer Lonely Lisa, and opened a website of the same name, which presents itself as "community site of boredom." Taking the graphic illustrations of Lisa-Loup and the storyteller , the site offers members to share their artistic creations: poems, drawings, photos, etc.

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

Her song L'Histoire d'une fée, c'est..., was on the soundtrack for Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.