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Season 9 Episode 10a
Rugrats - Mutt´s In A Name
Mutt's in a Name
Original Airdate January 18, 2004
DVD release The Best of Season 9
Season 9
Previous Episode Lil's Phil of Trash
Next Episode Hurricane Alice
Mutt's in a Name is a Season 9 episode of the Rugrats.



It starts with Puppy being sad and not wanting to do anything, the babies trying to cheer her up by giving her newspaper and balls to chew, Kira doing a jigsaw and  Charles trying to name Puppy. He thinks of Charles but that's his name. Chuckie tries to give her his name and rename himself Fred but Tommy says "No, they must look for one" His is on his shirt and Chuckie's is on his name plate so they look on all the plates but none have a name on them. Chuckie says they can't just wait for his dad to find a name as it takes him ages to find his shoes so they get a whole lot of stuff and Charles finds his shoes but not Puppy's name. Then the parents say "Here, Puppy, time for a walk" but she doesn't even answer to Puppy so he thinks she's having an identity crisis. The vet Dr. Mutterly comes with a dog book and tries to get Puppy to run and bark by doing it himself. Then he digs for her bone and the babies think he's digging for a name so they all dig and Dr.Mutterly leaves. Puppy coughs up a jigsaw piece and is now back to normal and Charles names her Pepper/Sparky as she is full of pep/spark.


  • This episode debuted in the US as part of U-Pick Live. But, while Klasky-Csupo announced that "Sparky" would be the new name for the dog, Nick US felt that viewers should have a hand at naming the dog. Viewers were given three choices -- in addition to "Sparky", the others were "Chippy" and "Pepper". The winning name was "Pepper", but, since "Sparky" was already used in the final product, the name "Pepper" was overdubbed, along with the reason why Chas named the dog "Pepper" -- the puppy was playing in a pepper patch, and the dog has full of pep. But, whether or not "Pepper" would be used in repeats remains to be seen. However, things get even more complicated -- international versions of this episode use the original name, "Sparky", with the reason being is that the dog has full of Spark, and Chas was looking for a name that would spark an idea. It still remains to be seen whether or not one name will be used, or the other, or if the dog's name will still be geographically divided.
  • It should be known that "Puppy" was a name given by the Rugrats, and known only by them; the grown-ups never knew that that dog had a name.


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