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Mrs. Hamfish.jpg
Mrs. Hamfish
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Occupation Librarian
Interests Books
Friends Susie Carmichael
Voice Actor Angelique Perrin
First Appearance "Baby Sale" (cameo)
Last Appearance "What's Love Got to do With It?" (cameo)

Mrs. Hamfish is a minor character who appears in both the Rugrats and All Grown Up! She is the school librarian at Jim Jr. Junior High and the person who gave Susie the keys to the library when she requested to stay an hour longer.

She makes a brief appearance in the Rugrats episode, "Baby Sale," she was amongst the crowd shopping in the store.

Mrs. Hamfish as she appears in the Rugrats episode, "Baby Sale".


Mrs. Hamfish is a light skinned woman with short blonde hair and purple glasses. She wears a purple vest with a light blue thermal shirt. She also has red lipstick and silver triangular earrings.


  • Although "Baby Sale" was aired in 2004, it is most likely that the writers of the show decided to reuse her character model for All Grown Up!.
  • She has no problems leaving Susie alone in the library with the keys as she trusts her.
  • Her outfit in "Baby Sale" is different from her attire in All Grown Up! (color wise).
  • She wears a lapel pin of what appears to be a paintbrush on the left side of her cardigan in "Baby Sale."