Mr. Yamaguchi
Name: Mr. Yamaguchi
Gender: Male
Interests: Bringing joy to children
Occupation: CEO of EuroReptar
Friends: Charlotte Pickles, Mr. Hasagawa, Coco LaBouche(formerly)
Enemies: Coco LaBouche
Mr. Yamaguchi is the president of the company that created EuroReptar Land and someone that Charlotte Pickles often comes into contact with. He loves children and believes that his company should exist to bring joy and laughter to children.


Mr. Yamaguchi is a middle-aged Japanese man who works as the president of EuroReptarLand. During Rugrats in Paris, he was going to step down as president and had been looking for a replacement. Coco LaBouche was one of the employees under consideration, because she had made a lot of money for the company, but Yamaguchi was reluctant to name a replacement because he wanted the new preisdent to be concerned with more than money. When Coco lied and told him that she loved children and was engaged to a man with a young child, this seemed to delight him and he promised Coco that they would discuss the promotion.

When he learned that Coco was deceiving him and that she really hated children, he fired her on the spot. It is unknown who he gave his job to, if anyone.


Mr. Yamaguchi first physically appeared in Rugrats in Paris. He had been mentioned numerous times before that, usually by Charlotte. Charlotte holds him in very high regard. Sometimes he is described as being part of MegaCorp, other times he is head of a different company that Charlotte wishes to merge Megacorp with. He is an older man, probably in his late 50s or early 60s, given his baldness, dark gray hair and wrinkles. He wears glasses and has a small, thin mustache.

During his video conference with Coco, he is wearing a dark formal suit with a white handkerchief folded up in his pocket. When he attends the wedding, he is seen wearing a men's kimono, geta and tabi.


  • The babies occasionally have trouble with his name, refering to him as 'Mr. Yummy-Guchi' and sometimes 'Mr. Yummy-Sushi'.
  • In the episode Chicken Pops, Charlotte mentions that during the last company picnic, Mr. Yamaguchi dunked his head into the coleslaw because he misunderstood the translator. In Rugrats in Paris, however, he speaks English very well, suggesting that he learned it after the events of the episode.
  • An associate of Yamaguchi (Mr. Hasagawa) appears in the episode Miss Manners. Mr. Hasawaga shares Mr. Yamaguchi's love of children and family.
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