Mr. Mucklehoney
OccupationPresident of Mucklehoney Industries
Toy Inventing
FriendsStu Pickles
Didi Pickles
Tommy Pickles
Voice ActorMichael Bell
First Appearance"Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup" (1991) (Only Appearance)
Oh Pickles you slay me! You must've gone through a lot of trouble to set this thing up! The Tabasco soup, the flying table, heck, you even got your kid into the act! What'd you do? Call the restaurant in advance!?
— Mr. Mucklehoney to Stu.
Mr. Mucklehoney is a one-time character on the Rugrats who appears in the episode "Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup". He is the president of 'Mucklehoney Industries', a toy manufacturing company which Stu is interested in working for.


Mr. Mucklehoney is a heavy-set man who wears a brown suit with a yellow shirt and blue tie with a flamingo on it. He also has a "squirt flower" on the left side of his suit, used to shoot water at people for his pranks. Mr. Mucklehoney also wears yellow clown socks. He also has a light skin complexion and grey hair.


Mr. Mucklehoney, simply put, is an adult that is a child at heart who loves to have fun. He even stated that he "loves kids" as he eases Stu and Didi's concerns of brining Tommy over to the meeting. Mr. Mucklehoney loves to play pranks on people, as he used a joybuzzer on Stu when shaking his hand and scaring Didi with a fake hand that ripped off once they shook hands. He also pranked Tommy by offering a lollipop which turned out to be a fake made of rubber.

Mr. Mucklehoney loves to laugh and make jokes, and even told Didi he couldn't resist doing so because people like her and Stu are so gullible into believing anything.

Mr. Mucklehoney is also a very generous man as he paid the restaurant bill of $390.00 and said to Stu, "Shucks, I'll take care of that little thing".

Needless to say, he loves creative people like Stu and even told him to swing by the Mucklehoney Headquarters the very next day to work on a project that he believes Stu can complete.


  • Mr. Mucklehoney loves jokes and laughs easily.
  • He paid off the bill the restaurant demanded.
  • It's not clear on how his mouth cleared up from the hot sauce.
  • He's never mentioned or heard from again.
  • He hires Stu to be a part of Mucklehoney Industries.
  • He loves to eat.
  • He loves kids
  • He enjoys playing pranks.
  • In his appearance, Tabasco is mentioned. Tabasco was invented by McIlhenny, a name which is strikingly similar to Mucklehoney, meaning his name may be an homage of sorts.
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