Mr. Loew
OccupationManager at the 27th National Bank
Voice ActorPhil Proctor
First AppearanceThe Bank Trick
Last AppearanceThe Bank Trick
Mr. Loew is a minor character on the Rugrats who appears in the episode, "The Bank Trick". He is the manager of the 27th National Bank who provides a tour to both Richter and Simms, who unbeknownst to him, had intentions of robbing the bank.


Mr. Loew is light skin man with reddish hair. He wears round glasses and a light brownish suit with brown dress shoes.


Mr. Loew can be described as helpful and gullible. Helpful in the sense that he was able to provide an in-depth tour of the bank's security system to Richter and Simms. However, his gullibility showed when he constantly try to impress both the fraudulent inspectors with the bank's security and reputation, which then lead him to handing over a ton of cash to Richter and Simms before they were apprehended.


  • He's gullible.
  • He offended Ms. Trencherman by calling her the bank's "oldest customer", which he meant to call her 'loyal'.
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