Angelica, if you're only doing this to prove something to me, then I don't want you to go out there. But if you have something to prove to yourself, then do it, or else you'll wonder if you really had it or not.
Jim Fisk
James Fisk
Also Known AsMr. Fisk
Jim Fisk
OccupationSubstitute Teacher
Full-time Teacher (St. Louis)
Social Studies
FriendsAngelica Pickles
Susie Carmichael
Voice ActorJason Ritter
First AppearanceWhat's Love Got to do With It?
Last AppearanceWhat's Love Got to do With It?
James "Jim" Fisk is an minor character in "All Grown Up!" who is a central character in the episode, "What's Love Got to do With It?".


Mr. Fisk is the substitute teach filing in for Mrs. Smith after she gave birth. Mr. Fisk is intellectual man who loves teaching his students, he is the only teacher in Jim Jr. Junior High to fully stand up to Angelica and tell her to do her work. He is fresh out of college and was the love interest of Angelica. After having breakfast with Angelica, he breaks the news to her that he will be leaving Jim Jr. High after being offered a full-time teaching position in St. Louis, Missouri.


He is a tall slim light-skinned man who wears a pink work shirt and grey pants. He has blonde hair and shiny white teeth. He is handsome in the eyes of Susie, Brianna, and Angelica.


  • His name was revealed to be "Jim" when he had breakfast with Angelica.
  • Since Jim is a nickname given to people named James, his actual name would be James Fisk.
  • He got a full-time job as a teacher in St. Louis. Friday was his last day at Jim Jr. Junior High.
  • He admires Angelica's loudmouth behavior as she can utilize it for debates.
  • He is single due to the fact he has been focusing on finding a full-time job.
  • Mr. Fisk hopes to find a woman in St. Louis.
  • He is the only teacher to tell Angelica the cold hard truth about doing her work.
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