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Chuckie is happily playing in the garbage when Chas sees him and panics. He gives Chuckie a bath and using his puppets Mr. Soap and Mr. Water he warns Chuckie about germs. Chuckie doesn't listen and plays under his bed which is incredibly dusty. Chas again sees him and gives him another bath telling him that germs can get in his body and make him sick. Chuckie still doesn't seem to be phased and plays outside in a mud puddle. Chas once again catches him and gives him a third bath telling him that germs can be on anything, even him.

Chuckie is now scared. At night he dreams that he goes into the kitchen and jumps into the garbage. All a sudden several small yellow creatures appear. The "germs" attack Chuckie and he runs into his room and hides under the covers. He looks up only for germs to come from everywhere including the original ones. They carry Chuckie off and send him falling towards the ground causing him to wake up. He is now terrified of germs.

The next day at Tommy's house Chuckie tells the others about germs and how bad they are. However, they find it neat instead of scary. Chuckie doesn't want to play in the sandbox, with the ball, or Reptar since they all could have germs. Tommy, Phil, and Lil decide to go play in the garbage, but Chuckie panics and tells him that that is the worst place for germs. He makes them promise that they won't go near the garbage. They agree, but after going near it they end up playing in it despite Chuckie's warnings.

Chuckie sees them and is horrified that they have "germed" themselves. He refuses to go near them and runs off. He wishes that there was a way to play with the others and not get "germed". He then gets an idea and going to the garage he makes his self a germ suit composed of boots, gloves, and a greenhouse mask.

He tells the others that he can play with them now, but he still wants to be careful such as dumping out the sand in the sandbox that he thinks is too dirty. Tommy suggests a game of follow the leader and Chuckie agrees since it's safe and clean. While following the others Chuckie gets stuck in some bushes. He refuses to take off his germ suit and says he'll just have to be stuck forever.

The others want to help Chuckie but don't know how. Tommy gets an idea and tells it to Phil and Lil. Phil and Lil rush to Chuckie and tell him that Tommy was near the garbage and the germs got him. Panicking Chucke bursts out of his germ suit and rushes to Tommy. Tommy appears to be drowning in the garbage and yells out that the germs have him. Chuckie rushes in and pulls Tommy out.

Tommy begins to laugh and reveals that it was just an act to get Chuckie out of the bush. Chuckie is horrified, but Tommy tells him that he went in the garbage and nothing bad happened. Seeing that he's right and since he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life doing nothing Chuckie decides that he'll just play like he did before and just keep an eye out for the germs. The babies began to play in the garbage when Didi and Chas catch them and give all four of them a bath. Chucke then tells Tommy "and you said nothing bad was going to happen"