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The Monkeys
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Name: None, referred to as 'Monkeys'.
Gender: Male and Female
Species: Various monkeys
Occupation: Circus performers
Interests: Bananas, Dil, Chuckie's glasses
Friends: The Banana Brothers
Enemies: The Rugrats (briefly), Scar Snout
Only Appearance: The Rugrats Movie

The Monkeys are the anti-villains of The Rugrats Movie.


The Monkeys escape from the Banana Brothers Travelling Monkey Circus train early in the film and roam the woods, where they become the secondary antagonists for the Rugrats. Chuckie, frightened by the clown on the circus train, discovers the train first and points it out to the others, at which point they meet the monkeys. The monkeys play with the babies, stealing Chuckie's glasses and swinging through the trees, until Tommy attempts to feed Dil with banana-flavored baby food. This attracts the monkeys, and is the primary reason that the monkeys follow the Rugrats.

When Dil finally gets on Tommy's nerves, he considers leaving Dil with the monkeys. While he looks for the banana baby food, he throws Cynthia out of the bag and the monkeys take her. The monkeys hide from the storm until they attack the next morning, but are chased off by Chuckie and the others.

The monkeys are encountered one last time, where they are scared by Scar Snout on the bridge near the Ranger station. After this, they are reunited with Igor and Sergei and, to everyone's delight, attack annoying newscaster Rex Pester.


There are multiple different monkeys, Their exact species is unknown and most likely varies between monkey. Some of them appear to be the same, others have accessories and different colors and body types.

  • Red lead monkey
  • Brownish orange monkey wearing a blue wizard hat with yellow stars and a cotton ball on the end
  • Brown monkey wearing a purple top hat with a loose top
  • A small baby monkey wearing a diaper, usually with the female blue monkey.
  • Blue female monkey with eyelashes, wearing a tutu, bow on her tail, and carrying a pink parasol.
  • A baboon or mandrill-faced monkey with red shorts.
  • A monkey wearing tennis shoes.
  • Two monkeys (one male and female) with fur on the heads combed to resemble Phil and Lil's hair with the female monkey even wearing a bow on her head hair.
  • A monkey wearing an orange-yellow hat (only seen once)
  • Dark blue monkey
  • Tan/beige monkey with tall forehead
  • Brown macaque or langur with a gray unibrow and short gray tuft on the end of its tail